Both a leading force and pioneer in the scene for over 30 years, techno innovator and Underworld originator, Darren Emerson is set to mix things up yet again, with his brand new quarterly compilation series and party ‘EVOLVE’.

Released on October 5th, Emerson’s first outing in the series takes an introspective look at his musical legacy as one of the industry’s leading house and techno artists and charts his succession an artist.

Each painstakingly crafted edition will showcase brand new cutting edge productions from the maestro himself, plus special collaborations with Emerson’s long time industry friends, along with carefully selected releases from his favourite producers.

The album’s opening track ‘BUB’ gets its release next week and is a mystical beast – straight out of the leftfield.

Unexpected and undefined, it’s a landmark record that pays a nod to the mind-blowing stuff fans will be treated both later in the album and throughout the series.

With a different instalment on its way every 3 months, and a special ‘one-off’ party to celebrate it, Emerson’s ‘EVOLVE’ looks set to bring something new exciting to the scene, because let’s face it, nobody does mix albums better than Emerson.


1. Darren Emerson – Bub
2. Hans Goode – Scale
3. John Tejada – Shape Shifter
4. Copy Paste Soul – State Of Mind
5. Darren Emerson & Jamie McHugh – Dark Matter 9kingpin Cartel Remix)
6. Darren Emerson – Scratcher
7. Kristin Velvet – Shimokita
8. Sinisa Tamamovic – Acid Trip
9. Darren Emerson & Sian – Creepin
10. Darren Emerson – Stop It
11. Saytek – Marimba Live
12. G Flame – Turmoil
13. Linear B – Catching Comets
14. Jon Cowen – I’m Back
15. Thomas Angstrom – Detoned
16. Darren Emerson – Daschine (Acid Mix)
17. Darren Emerson – Birdcage
18. Darren Emerson – Birdcage Reprise