Exoplanet – Wave Theory (Balkan Connection)

Balkan Connection’s latest welcomes Exoplanet back to the label for a new EP entitled ‘Wave Theory’.

Exoplanet - Refraction

The Dutch producer last appeared on the label with his remix of Ozgur Ozkan’s ‘Jln’ from February of this year. It showcased an old school acid trance vibe and was favoured by John OO Fleming. Now for Balkan Connection’s 335th release we see a brand new EP alongside remixes from East Cafe and Antrim.

Exoplanet has always been somewhat of a mysterious producer, he’s got a very broad sound and his productions have really varied over the course of his ten year career. The lead track ‘Refraction’ showcases his unique blend of styles quite well. There’s techy, acidy and psychedelic overtones running through this one and it’s higher BPM will certainly lend itself to the more trance oriented DJs like John OO Fleming. It’s tough driving beats are surely primed for peaktime play but there’s a complement of dreamy melodies and vocal gates which soften it touch. Nice work from Exoplanet.

The first interpretation of ‘Refraction’ is supplied by ‘East Cafe’ who is making his fifth appearance on Balkan Connection. It’s been an incredible year for the Hungarian producer, his ‘Mondschein’ track (released courtesy of LuPS Records) was a favourite of Hernan Cattaneo and his work on Golden Wings and Particles was also excellent. For his ‘Refraction’ interpretation East Cafe has (as you would expect) slowed the tempo down a touch and added a groovy foundation all while staying true to the dreamy vibe from the original. What’s exceptional about this mix though is how he’s managed to convey a great emotion through it. It presents those floaty synths in an entirely new and exciting light. Great remix from East Cafe.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Refraction’ is supplied by Antrim who is returning to Balkan Connection for his fourth appearance. Much like East Cafe Antrim too has been riding a nice wave of momentum this year. The Argentinean producer continues to be a regular in the sets and charts of Hernan Cattaneo, and his ‘Export Dynamism’ (written in conjunction with Luis Bondio) was one of this year’s standout tunes. Antrim’s ‘Refraction’ interpretation comes in as the most progressive version on the release. Sitting somewhere between the original and East Cafe’s in terms of energy it’s a nice complement. The smooth and floaty nature of the parts is backed by a big, gnarly bass line which gives the track a very large presence. What really makes it unique though are these trippy synths that meander through the framework and create a very chilling, almost eerie vibe. It’s a unique mood Antrim has captured here and it closes the release out strong. Another excellent package from Balkan Connection with both remixes standing out for me. Don’t miss it.

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