Fefo & Verve – Montania (FutureForm Music)

The sixth release on Verve and Herc Kass’ FutureForm Music finds one of label bosses back in the spotlight with an exciting collaboration. It’s been a great year for Verve; aside from supplying a wicked remix for Rich Curtis’ ‘Latitude End’ the Aussie producer has been a top contributor to both Proton Music and Particles. For FutureForm’s latest we see Verve teaming up with Fefo for their first ever studio collaboration entitled ‘Montania’.

Fefo is a long time fave of the incredibly rich Argentinean electronic music underground. He’s never been an artist that over produces which in today’s landscape of short attention spans is a welcome trait. Sudbeat and Renaissance appear in his discography and his debut for FutureForm has turned out amazingly well. ‘Montania’ in an intelligent progressive house lovers wet dream. It’s crunchy rhythms, cinematic interlude and undeniable groove meld together for a sonically charged masterpiece that’s one of the finest joint productions of the year.

The first remix is supplied by Soulwerk who is making his first appearance on FutureForm. The Spanish producer has kept the quality of his production output incredibly high this year with several appearances on Proton Music as well as Luis Junior’s Mooseekaa. Soulwerk’s futuristic blend of progressive house and techno seems tailor made for ‘Montania’. The Spanish producer has completely reworked the rhythmic foundations of the track into a mind bending elastic like affair. The surging walls of twisted noise and beautiful sheets of gated harmonics highlight a massive conclusion which goes down as the largest on the release. Expect a big reaction from this one.

The second and final remix is supplied by Progress Inn who are also making their debut on FutureForm. Janko Dragovic and Igor Kadic make up the Progress Inn production duo and hail from former Yugoslavia but now reside in Perth, Australia. I still go back and listen to the laser-like, dubby vibes of their ‘Currents EP’ which was one of 2013’s best underground releases (courtesy of 3rd Avenue). Their remix of ‘Montania’ takes a more straight forward approach with a powerful almost galloping style groove that’s full of dance floor appeal. What Progress Inn always do so well is remoulding big elements into glacial-like sheets of hypnotic rhythm and that’s exactly what they’ve done here once again. The dubby nature is a welcome complement to the stylistically bigger mixes previous to it and it’s also earned considerable DJ support as it sits atop our overall Hype Chart. The whole package is sensational and re-affirms FutureForm’s commitment to releasing quality electronic music. They’re building something special here and at just six releases in you wonder where they’ll be in another year.

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