Ferdas Digital – Not Special (Baroque Records)

The 82nd release of Baroque’s special editions division is out this week and it features the return of Ferdas Digital to the label. The Russian producer made a huge mark on electronic music in 2013 with a nice string of releases on System Recordings. His previous appearance on Baroque was a contribution to the labels ‘Commissioned’ compilation which was just released two weeks ago. Ferdas Digital’s first single for Baroque is entitled ‘Not Special’ and it comes with remixes from: Chris Drifter and Mr.Raf & Hezi Rachmani.

Ferdas Digital has built up a nice following in the deep house scene and ‘Not Special’ should open his sound up to a more progressive audience as well. The masterfully produced track begins with a tough kick, soft airy pads and a panning vocal gate which sets a great atmosphere. The first break serves to introduce the full vocal which is quite striking. As the beats slowly fade back in the gates return in favour of the full vox and the groove builds towards the main break. The vocal is again showcased here and a subtle build reveals the tough beats once more. It’s an angelic conclusion with the airy pads soaring even higher and the panning vox continuing to work their magic. Solid work from Ferdas Digital. The first remix comes from Chris Drifter who is making his 21st appearance on Baroque. The Hungarian producer has been delivering club friendly cuts on his Soundtribe Records imprint for years and he’s beefed up ‘Not Special’ considerably for what results in a wicked dance floor interpretation. Chris’ powerful groove dominates throughout the entire production and he’s worked the full vocals in quite nicely as in the original they only really appear during the breakdowns. Big remix from Chris and the best dance floor interpretation on the release. The second and final remix is provided by Mr.Raf & Hezi Rachmani who have been regular contributors to Baroque over the last year with over four appearances. The Israeli duo have darkened the track up considerably and delivered a progressive stormer that should delight all the old school fans out there. The vocals sound incredible cutting though all the dark textures, swirling atmospheres and growling synths. It closes the package out on a very strong note and it’s also my fave mix on the release. Great stuff from Baroque and definitely a release not to be missed.

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