Fernando Ferreyra – Aliens From Beyond (Classound Recordings)

Luis Bondio’s Classound Recordings has always been a supporter of the immense talent that it’s home country of Argentina has to offer. This week sees the labels 12th overall release and it features one of the long time veterans of the Argentinean scene. Fernando Ferreyra’s initial studio productions surfaced in 2007 on the Bit records label from Mexico. From there Fernando slowly built up a great discography over the next several years with appearances on Outside The Box, Frisky, Mistique and Lowbit. Fernando’s debut appearance on Classound is his latest studio offering entitled ‘Aliens From Beyond’ which comes with remixes from: Matias Chilano, Tvardovsky and Maxi Iborquiza.

‘Aliens From Beyond’ is without a doubt one of Fernando’s most elaborate productions to date. The enchanting melodies and super cool vocal elements are some of the Argentine’s most creative ideas ever and the crisp groove makes for a great dance floor ride. Outstanding work from Fernando! The first remix comes from another staple of the Argentina scene Matias Chilano who is also making his first appearance on Classound. Matias is on the money here again with another smooth flowing, glacial sounding rework that you can just get lost in. Both the vocal and melodic elements have been used sparingly by Matias in favour of a much spacier interpretation that’s just full of wonderful atmospheres and otherworldly electronics. Brilliant mix from Matias and my favourite on the release as well. The second remix is provided by Tvardovsky who has already had a remarkable production this year. The Ukrainian producers remix of Stephen J Kroos ‘Codd’ on Spring Tube Limited was a standout and showed the real beauty that he’s capable of crafting. Tvardovsky’s ‘Aliens From Beyond’ remix definitely focuses on the vocals and melodies a bit more than Matias’ so it’s a great complement and it’s provides a more streamlined journey than Fernando’s more expansive sounding version. Tvardovsky has crafted a magical breakdown which is the highlight of the production for me. The slow building melodic energy and pixie like vibes are enchanting to say the least and brings things to a deeper, more emotional level before the epic conclusion. Great stuff from Tvardovsky. To close the release out Maxi Iborquiza provides a deeper, hypnotic version that complements the others very well. The mesmerizing waves of rhythms and effortless sounding beats are a great listen and end the package on a strong note. Superb stuff from Classound with this being Fernando Ferreyra’s crowning achievement thus far in his career, just a fabulous production from him. Highly Recommended.

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