Fernando Olaya – Macedonia (Soundteller Records)

Progressive House favourite Fernando Olaya returns to Deersky’s Soundteller Records this week for a brand new EP.

The Colombian artist last appeared on the Polish imprint with his ‘Melancholy Mechanics’ single from August of 2015. Now returning for his second appearance Fernando presents his much anticipated three track EP entitled ‘Macedonia’.

Fernando is primarily known for more progressive minded productions so this EP comes as a bit of surprise as two thirds of it fall more into the tech house category. The first cut ‘Badalona’ is a chugging, dance floor groover with rhythmic stabs and bulbous bass tones. Clattering percussion and warm vocal accents set the stage for smooth hypnotics which carry the track nicely into the break. Here the groove stays locked with the percussion and bass line in, as vocal phrases build just enough tension to deliver a nice payoff. A very mature sounding production from Fernando and no doubt a delight on the dance floor.

The second selection ‘Good Times’ comes in a touch more proggy and equally great. The groove reminds me of something Guy J would have played a few years ago and maybe even now. What’s keeps this more on the tech house side of things is the progression, it’s very club oriented with just hints of melody and atmosphere until the break. More of an interlude, it brings flashes of emotion and above all a gorgeous airy vibe. The drop strips the majority of it away though and you can really feel the strength of its cadence as a result.

The release concludes with its title and showcase piece ‘Macedonia’ which really just picks up the pace from where ‘Good Times’ left off. Still very, rhythmic and groovy but with more of a progressive connotation. The chord changes are quite melancholic and a mallet like motif does a lot to make the piece distinctive. The break comes off a touch orchestral but also incredibly moody, it’s a unique emotion and a definite standout on the EP. Hernan Cattaneo has been the first to chime in with support as well, featuring the track on his hugely popular Resident podcast. A great EP from Fernando with the tracks playing like a three part story in a way. Another solid offering from Deersky’s Soundteller Records who keep that head of stream rolling.


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