FictiOne – Ancient Civilization (A Must Have)

The latest release from A Must Have welcomes FictiOne back to the label for a brand new EP.

FictiOne - Ancient Civilization (A Must Have)

The Polish artist is making his fourth appearance on the Croatian imprint which follows a remix of ‘Wooyisitch’ from August of this year. Also loved for his work on Balkan Connection and Electronic Tree, FictiOne now returns to A Must Have with his ‘Ancient Civilization’ EP alongside a remix from Jaksa Pavicevic.

Piotr Stechnij aka FictiOne is pretty versed at a variety of styles and here he once again ventures into deep territory with great results. Anchored by a smooth groove and misty atmospheres ‘Path Forward’ flows through a variety of cool effects and rhythmic hooks. It’s the dubby qualities that I find really attractive, definitely a late night sensibility and a haunting third act doesn’t hurt either. The companion piece ‘Ancient Civilization’ ups the tempo a touch but the smooth effortless flow which was presented in ‘Path Forward’ definitely holds true here as well. It’s chugging groove seems perfectly dialled for the dance floor and a myriad of mallet-like motifs definitely shine over its near nine minute journey. Two gorgeous productions from FictoOne who continues to move forward with new sounds.

The lone interpretation of ‘Path Forward’ is provided by A Must Have label boss Jaksa Pavicevic who is making his 30th appearance. It’s been a quiet year for the long standing Croatian artist but a key contribution to MNL’s ‘Seasons| Spring’ Collection stands out. Jaksa’s sound has certainly evolved since his early releases from 2007 but through stylistic shifts the timeless qualities remain. His interpretation of ‘Path Forward’ takes the smooth late night vibe and injects a bit more energy into it without losing that effortless feel. It’s the intricate details that really standout, from metallic motifs to dusty textures there’s a lot to like and a well crafted break sitting at the centrepiece sets up a tastefully epic conclusion. An amazing remix from Jaksa and another great release from A Must Have. Don’t miss it.


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