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Filter Bear – Second Amnesia EP (Agara Music)

The latest release on Travis MacDonald’s Agara Music welcomes Filter Bear back to the label for a brand new EP.

Filter Bear

The Aussie producer first appeared on the Canadian imprint with a remix of Luka Sambe’s ‘Nini’ which was released earlier this year. Recent releases on Nuit Blanche and Tinted Records have further showcased Filter Bear’s seemingly borderless sound and his latest EP entitled ‘Second Amnesia’ does that in resounding once again.

The release begins with the title cut ‘Second Amnesia’ which finds Filter Bear crafting a slice of contemporary electronica. It’s laid back vibe, rustling electronics and unique musicality are immediately appealing. The rough, broken beats are immaculately sculpted and lay down the perfect foundation for a storyboard of gleaming keys. This is where Filter Bear’s musical prowess really shines. Like some of his previous work, the narrative is a touch wonky at times, particularly during the main break and that’s a big part of the brilliance, and it’s an interesting listen several times over which can be a rare thing these days. An amazing selection to open the EP. The companion piece ‘Lola Once’ is more so directed at the dancefloor, with a grungy techno house groove, clattering drums and another spectacular display of melody crafting skills. Amidst the tantalizing melodies though are big builds and ominous vocals, when all combined make for an incredibly unique and compelling tune. Two complementary beauties from Filter Bear.

The lone interpretation of ‘Second Amnesia’ is provided by Luka Sambe who is also making his second appearance on Agara Music. The Aussie producer has been much hyped in the underground this year. Releases on Traum and Temporum Music have been spectacular with support and club play from Guy J rolling in. Much like fellow countryman Filter Bear, Luka has carved out his own unique sound which has both melodic techno and contemporary progressive house fans eagerly awaiting his next production. His interpretation of ‘Second Amnesia’ certainly doesn’t disappoint either and brings Filter Bear’s great vibe closer to the dance floor. The quality of production and design shines brightly all the way through. Meticulously carved beats get the proceedings underway while a swirling, airy backdrop invokes a positive glow. Shuffling drums and a more rhythmic reshape of the melody makes for an exhilarating build all though the first act. The melodies cluster up during the main break, with some rising modulation adding just the right amount of dramatic tension without losing the wonderful effervescent feel already established. It’s a big moment and one which the blissful conclusion brings home quite nicely. Wonderful remix from Luka who along with Filter Bear continue to be two of most exciting new names in melodic electronica. Great release from Agara Music, don’t miss it.

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