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Flowers and Sea Creatures and David Granha – Better Tomorrow (Strange Town Recordings)

Strange Town Recordings returns with a fresh collaborative project from David Granha and Flowers and Sea Creatures.


Hailing from Spain, David Granha is making his debut appearance on the Canadian imprint while Canadian artists Flowers and Sea Creatures return for their second appearance. David was touring the US and Canada last year and I believe that’s how this project was born. It’s certainly an interesting meeting of creative minds and Strange Town has also called upon Tone Depth and Jaap Ligthart to interpret the track.

The original mix is quite stunning, from its dark and wobbly beginnings, it progresses into a deep and captivating gem of a record. The vocals from Flowers and Sea Creatures are incredibly distinctive, so unique and full of emotion, almost hopeful and reflective sounding; and with the chord changes running through the framework (of the track) it makes for many amazing moments. The third act brings some tasteful effects into the storyboard along with a beefed up drum section but not to the detriment of the vocal at all and that’s ultimately the key. It’s such a good vocal and it’s musical surroundings do just enough to bring drama, tension and emotion at timely moments. A brilliant record from David and Flowers and Sea Creatures. Let’s hope they do another.

The first interpretation of ‘Better Tomorrow’ is provided by Tone Depth who is making his first appearance on Strange Town. Perhaps best known for his ‘Rumblefish’ production released courtesy of John Digweed’s Bedrock Records, Tone Depth has returned to the underground in major way following a long hiatus. EP’s for Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music and his own Bad Pony imprint have been sensational and he’s delivered a gorgeous rendition of ‘Better Tomorrow’ here. Again the vocal is the star of the show (so to speak) but the surroundings get a nice makeover, putting the piece into a more progressive minded context. Pristinely tailored percussion backed by a strong rhythmic core and warm take on the triplet groove result in absolute magic throughout its eight minute journey. A wonderful remix from Tone Depth.

The release concludes with Jaap Ligthart also making his Strange Town debut. The Dutch artist had an another amazing year in 2016, highlighted by releases on Manual Music and Selador. It’s been a relatively quiet start to 2017 for Jaap and that makes this remix all the more anticipated. Given the number of hugely successful bootlegs he’s turned out in recent years something with a vocal of this calibre is right up his alley, and as you would expect it’s turned out wonderfully. A bit deeper and dubbier than the previous two versions perhaps but it’s these indistinct qualities that build the framework which precedes a lovely break. Incredibly heartfelt, with piano clusters and airy atmospheres sitting as the perfect back drop for a more ambiguous take on the vocal. A dark drop follows, with sizable impact and a dramatic shift in emotion as well. It’s makes for a stellar finale and rounds the release out incredibly strong. highly Recommended.

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