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Flying Point – Unidentified Code (Soundteller Records)

Deersky’s Soundteller Records returns this week for the labels 14th overall release. Up and coming producer Flying Point makes his debut on label with a brand new 3 track EP entitled ‘Unidentified Code’. Those of you that follow Travis MacDonald’s Agara Music had the pleasure of hearing Flying Point’s marvellous ‘Our Story’ in conjunction with Post S. It was an amazing excursion into deeply emotional electronic music and remains one of Agara’s standout releases to date. For his first release on Soundteller Flying Point has crafted three outstanding techno pieces that all have their own unique themes.

The first cut ‘Alien Connection’ is based around a brooding set of metallic tones which form a quirky groove at the outset. This quickly dissipates however in favour of some glitchier and more character infused electronics. The intricacy of the production through the second act is really impressive and at the very least is an amazing listening experience. The second composition ‘Deep In The Heart’ is perhaps the most dance floor worthy cut on the EP. The backdrop of shimmering electronics through the first three or so minutes casts what seems to be the ideal amount of tension before the emotionally driven harmonics are allowed to breathe. The second and third acts of the record go a bit further into noodily territory but a clued up dance floor should more than follow suit here. The final track on the EP and also its title cut ‘Unidentified Code’ is certainly the moodiest and most challenging piece on the release. Again fans of stark, grainy electronics and post apocalyptic vibes will absolutely get lost in this one. It puts a close to an intriguing EP from Flying Point and a great release from Soundteller. Always nice to see a label looking to broaden the scope of what people might expect from them.

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