Following Light – Substrate (Inmost Records)

The latest release on Inmost Records finds label boss Following Light returning for a brand new single.

Following Light - Substrate

2015 was a great year for the Ukrainian producer; his productions got picked up by Hydrogen, Particles, Stellar Fountain and countless other top underground imprints. Both Inmost records and affiliate Aeriform flourished, having now become household names in the progressive underground. To kick off the new year Following Light now presents his latest studio creation entitled ‘Substrate’ alongside remixes from: Napalm & d-phrag, Subandrio and Stergios.

Fans of Following Light love his diversity and the musicality he brings to his productions. There’s always a variety of emotions flowing through his work and they are quite unpredictable at times. On ‘Substrate’ we see the Ukrainian artist with a darker more ominous beginning as trippy hypnotics and rough swells fill the air. As the piece progresses into the break though there are moments of haunting beauty with a hopeful pad delivering a great mood. It’s brief but does a great job at changing the vibe of the piece before the subversive foundation returns for a smooth and eerie finale. Very cool stuff from Following Light. 

As mentioned previously there are three remixes included here and all deliver a nice alternative to the original. First up are the always consistent Napalm & d-phrag who take ‘Substrate’ in a tougher, more techno inspired direction. The dark overtones remain but with a completely new twist as rough synths and granular textures tear up the atmosphere. The chord changes bring a new found emotion as well, while still retaining the trippy hypnotic nature of the original. Not an easy thing to do but Napalm & d-phrag have pulled it off with ease. 

Next up Subandrio makes his Inmost Records debut and remoulds ‘Substrate’ into a modern day progressive bomb. The Sri Lanka based artist’s tough, character laden grooves have never sounded better here and a bright melodic lead makes for an epic moment early on. A deeper hypnotic storyboard soon develops however and carries the track with a wonderful cadence into the break. Bringing things right down, Subandrio then gives us a moment of sonic serenity with a bed of glistening synths and a slow methodical build which is going to make for some amazing 3AM moments. 

Closing the release out Stergios brings his warm, fluid style to the track for yet another great alternative to the original. The Just Movement regular has added his playful, bouncy rhythms and summery vibe to the piece so it sits really well next to the other darker versions here. The break is a thing of beauty with heartfelt chords and smooth emotive key changes on the low end. The groove returns with little fanfare and it keeps the smooth, serene vibe well intact for a gorgeous conclusion, not only to the track but release as well. Great stuff from Stergios and a top release to start 2016 for Following Light and Inmost Records.

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