Following Light – Unexplained (Stellar Fountain)

Following Light Ukraine’s most promising upcoming talent at the moment, bombing his tracks on well renowned labels in the scene, already grabbing the attention of the key figures of the progressive area. He also had a two-tracker EP – ‘Nescience’ – on Stellar’s deep imprint in april, this time he got peak time slot with two monster, tech infected productions, ‘Unexplained & Intrapersonal Conflict’.

The remixes comes from Columbia’s finest progressive duo, Cut Knob, and the irish-hungarian studio magician Cj Peeton.’Unexplained’ was featured on the Signals From The Void sampler compilation, and had so many nice feedbacks. The intergalactic synth notes just give an incredible floating feel to the production.Cut Knob used their deadliest weapon, raising the energy level higher and higher with a long lasting progression, pumpin’ all the way with the main parts of the original material.Cj Peeton leaves no room for boredom, operating with a massive baseline, combined with a hint of psy leading to an amazing breakdown.’Intrapersonal Conflict’ was surely inspired by outer space experiences, the deep approaching string layers just works perfect together with all the melodic elements spiced with a little portion of acid.

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