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Fractal Architect – Crystalline EP (Manual Music)

Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Music returns this week for their 132nd overall release. It features the debut of a new artist to the label by the name of Fractal Architect. Daniel Watts aka Fractal Architect hails from the UK and although he has just one credit on his discography several of his productions are currently in the pipeline and due for release on MNL, Mirabilis, Inlab and Silk Angel. His brand new EP for Manual Music is entitled ‘Crystalline’ and it comes with two original productions.

The EP’s lead track ‘Crystalline’ showcases Daniel’s his unique blend of melodic techno and deep house perfectly. A bed of granulated textures and wonderful chimes starts the piece off with great vibes. The melodies then come in quickly and oddly enough sound texturally quite crystalline. The backdrop of what sounds like small children playing is damn cool and really goes hand in hand with the luminous harmonies which flow so brilliantly throughout the production. The candy coated melodies build some uniquely emotional energy all throughout the main break and eventually peak with some subtle vocal gates and piercing tones that highlight the second half. A very unique and inspiring production from Fractal Architect.

The companion piece ‘Hologroove’ offers a much deeper and more groove oriented vibe which complements the unabashedly epic ‘Crystalline’ perfectly. Funky beat patterns, fresh sound design and quirky rhythms all build to a much more subtle musical finale where you get just a hint of what was showcased so well in ‘Crystalline’. Both tracks are incredibly strong and I’d say you’ll be hearing a lot more about Fractal Architect as 2014 moves forward. Highly Recommended

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