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Fractal Architect – Rust EP (Cinematique)

Manual Music offshoot Cinematique welcomes Fractal Architect to the label for its 65th release.

Fractal Architect - Rust EP

UK producer Dan Watts introduced the world to his Fractal Architect alias just about 10 months ago. His initial releases on Manual Music and MNL were met with much enthusiasm and he continued on a steady rise for the remainder of the year. Releases on Opendecks, PHW Elements and Mirabilis Records have all been hugely impressive and he gets 2015 off to a great start with a brand new EP entitled ‘Rust’ for Cinematique.

Following the release of Dan’s ‘Crystalline EP’ for Manual Music the UK producer become much sought after and by the end of 2014 he had racked up an impressive discography. The material was quite varied as well; some was well in line with the luminescent techno featured early on while others bordered on deeper progressive house. One thing that never wavered though was the immense beauty that his productions carried and ‘Rust’ may be one of his most touching yet. It’s warm spacious groove is incredibly inviting and the kaleidoscopic melodies which flow the track are positively vibrant. A more distinctive and grandiose theme is presented during the main break which then resurfaces during a very poignant conclusion. Simply put; It’s about as tasteful as a melodic record can get. Beautiful stuff from Fractal Architect. The companion piece ‘Cenote’ is more on the spacey, atmospheric tip with some stellar design that steals the show. Filled with intricate and well tailored electronics it’s certainly a feast for the senses and a well carved foundation provides just enough groove to make it worthy for the floor. The gloominess of the piece sits perfectly alongside ‘Rust’ as well, making for a wicked two track combo.

The lone interpretation of ‘Rust’ is provided by Julio Largente who is making his first appearance on Cinematique. Hailing from Argentina and heading up the Opendecks imprint Julio had a great year in 2014. His ‘Haiku’ single for MNL along with a remix of Alberto Blanco & Marcelo Paladini on Agara were personal favourites of mine and he’s delivered an excellent rendition of ‘Rust’ here. Julio has overhauled the track into a much more ethereal sounding beast. Great beat patterns give it an immediate bounce and the cavernous atmospheres which slowly encompass the groove are quite charming. Shifty harmonics and a subtle reinvention of the secondary line from the original also standout but what’s most impressive is how unique this production sounds. The ideas are super fresh and doesn’t fall in line with what I would consider by the numbers melodic techno. The character of sound is immensely more interesting here and it’s a real joy to listen too. Great remix from Julio and my favourite version the release. Another solid outing for Cinematique. Don’t miss it.

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