FrameON – Aquarium (Baroque Records)

The 154th release on Baroque Records features the debut of FrameON to the label. Russian producer Alexander Zamyatin aka FrameON has been making cutting edge electronic music for the last 5 years. He has appeared on Balkan Connection, Electronic Tree and Pro-B-Tech Records. His debut single for Baroque is entitled ‘Aquarium’ which comes with remixes from Sterbai and Robbie Fithon.

FrameON’s original leads the release off with a deep, hypnotic groove that’s quite inviting. Mildly warped electronics combined with smooth chord changes and a clattering complement of percussion carry the track to the main break. Here the melodic component of the record really shines with two interwoven lines of mesmerizing bell-like clusters. It’s one of those moments that’s both incredibly captivating and emotionally stimulating. The second half just showcases the emotional lines that much more and the goose bump moments are plentiful. A pure progressive house gem from FrameON. The first remix is provided by Sterbai who is making his third appearance on Baroque Recordings. The UK based producer has been pushing his unique, high energy, ultra polished brand of progressive house on labels like Freegrant, Ultraviolet Music and Virtual Love for the last two years. His interpretation of ‘Aquarium’ takes all of FrameON’s wonderfully lush elements and twists them into a stripped down, acid monster of a remix. Some of the melodic elements do shine through though during the main break before the liquid lines drop back in for a wicked finish. Brilliant stuff from Sterbai. The second and final remix comes from Robbie Fithon who is making his second appearance on Baroque Recordings. The 6913 label boss has put a unique tech house spin on ‘Aquarium’. The nasally acid lines and strong hypnotic breakdown are the highlights but what’s also so impressive here is the smoothness of the groove. Acid cuts can sometimes come off as a bit choppy sounding but Robbie has really delivered a lush sounding groove which proves to be the ideal foundation for the acidic warblings. Excellent work from Robbie and a smashing release from Baroque which covers a lot of bases very effectively. Highly Recommeded.

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