French Electronic Producer, Teho Releases Album Exploring The Ideology of Humanitarian Acceptance and Understanding.

Inspired by the sounds of the world, French producer Teho opens the doors of his musical stimuli with debut LP project, ‘Polytone’, out on his own label Labo T. With over a decade of experience, from his first EP releases in 2010 to featuring on Stephan Bodzin’s ‘Herzblut Recordings’ label as well as fellow countryman Agoria’s ‘Sapiens’ label, Teho has gone on to perform for esteemed live stream channel Cercle, with his stream amassing near to one million views.

Establishing his Labo T label in 2016, Teho has worked hard to provide other artists and friends a platform to grow also. 2020 offers a natural progression for Teho as he releaes his debut album.

Reaching out through the medium of the full-length album, Teho transmits feelings of understanding and acceptance throughout the human race with twelve pieces of music. Bringing together multicultural influences, Teho has created his own sound which fuses dreamy melancholy and energetic, rousing harmonies.

“For a long time, I have had this feeling that if we understand each other and accept one another, we can all find peace and harmony. In my opinion, when people don’t know or don’t understand something or someone, they are scared of that. This album is designed to discover cultures and other influences. This is a first step to understanding and accepting the differences we have with each other.” – Teho

At the core of the album is a key message and one that resonates throughout each track, as Teho looks to explore the notions within our differences on the planet as human beings. Posing questions like ‘we are all different on this earth, why can’t we live in peace and harmony?’.

Listen to the album below.


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