French Fashion: POPOF Takes Us Through his Wardrobe Essentials


I’m French, precisely Parisian. With food and wine, fashion is therefore an essential part of my culture and my lifestyle. I was raised in the capital city of haute couture, the birthplace of Chanel, Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Dior, and many more, so even I’m not brand-obsessed, I like purchasing nice clothes, perhaps investing in a nice Givenchy piece from time to time.

As a performer, it’s essential for me to own comfortable clothes, as I spend half of my life in airports, train stations, cabs and hotels. Privately, I like wearing more elegant clothes from time to time, so I think my wardrobe reflects this.

One clothing item I’m often seen with are my denim jackets. I’m a huge denim fan because it’s both stylish and comfortable. Also, it keeps you warm onstage without hindering your movements. I particularly like this picture because it really translates that mindset.

Photo credit: @shotbywozniak

As I previously said, I also like wearing nice things from time to time, wearing t-shirts and sneakers can get a bit boring after a while. For me, real French elegance is simplicity and not going overboard with colors or accessories. This chic and refined jacket is one of my favorite essential items because it can literally go with everything. There’s a few pics of me wearing it on Instagram because you can’t go wrong with this one, it’s my version of a little black dress.

Photo credit: @jazminbardach

Also, I love this black-and-white Kenzo jacket. It’s super casual chic and it’s beautifully made. The fabric is especially nice and high quality.

Photo credit: @jazminbardach

But enough of jackets! I’m a big shoe fan and I’ve got several pairs of sneakers. This said, one of my latest purchases was this pair of Dr Martens boots, which I absolutely loved as soon as I saw them. They’re a special Sex Pistols x Dr Martens edition and they’re amazing (and so resistant). Of course, my rebellious background (POPOF is one of the co-founders of early Nineties cult French rave collective Heretik System. If you’re interested, there’s a great documentary which you can check out here) certainly played a part in me choosing to buy this pair in particular.

Another wardrobe essential is the mandatory plain white T. It goes with everything, you can buy another one on the spot if you’ve messed it up, and it’s never distasteful. I like my t-shirts to be made of pure cotton though. On stage, I tend to get sweaty after a while and cheap blends don’t mix nicely with that!

Photo credit: @jazminbardach

Lastly, any real fashionista will tell you accessories are key. They are to an outfit what salt is to a nice dish: the small extra thing that makes a difference. In my case, I like watches, but mainly I’m a huge sunglasses fan. I own a gazillion pairs. For me, they’re not only a fashion accessory: I could not drive or snowboard without them. I’d like to state that I do not wear them at night. ?


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