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Gab Rhome – Drifting EP (Anjunadeep)

Following memorable appearances on the likes of Last Night on Earth and All Day I Dream, Gab Rhome debuts on Anjunadeep with a fantastic three track EP.

The title track boasts layers of tuned percussion, a spiky guitar-led bassline, lovely vocal pads, not to mention Gab Rhome’s understated vocals, while his characteristically elegant string sounds add further emotional punch exactly when it’s needed.

‘I’ve Changed My Scent For You’ quickly introduces a simple but catchy hook which acts as a focus for the rest of the track, complemented by somber strings, a warm bassline, and evocative vocals samples, while the gorgeous string-laden breakdowns also throw in some acoustic guitar to great effect. The overall feel is reminiscent of ‘Farewell at the Gates of Dawn’, Gab Rhome’s collaboration with Maher Daniel on All Day I Dream a couple of years ago, which is no bad thing at all – like that earlier record, this is dreamy, melancholy, orchestral house music at its best.

The real gem on this package, though, is tucked away at the end. ‘Warm Days’ gets off to a low-key start, but soon after the gentle percussion arrives, we get our first taste of the distinctive lullaby vocal refrain that provides the track’s centrepiece. Gab Rhome wisely keeps the other elements of the track very understated, letting the vocal weave its spell as it emerges more fully midway through, and the result is a unique, deeply lovely piece of music from start to finish.

This is a terrific release from Gab Rhome and Anjunadeep, with ‘I’ve Changed My Scent For You’ and ‘Warm Days’ both providing highlights.


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