Gai Barone – Save My Queen (Afterglow Deep)

Italian producer Gai Barone brings us the newest release for Afterglow Records titled “Save my Queen”. The title track is accompanied by a remix from LoQuai out of Kazakhstan. Both producers have been steadily gaining more and more popularity through their great productions and they definitely don’t disappoint with this EP.

The original from Gai is an epic excursion into the melodic side of progressive house. The start of the track though is quite a minimalist affair and it provides ample space for mixing in or just enjoying the track on its own. Subtle pads and ambient bubbling synths accompany the lone kick drum as Gai slowly teases the track in. Excellent effects and cuts really give the song a lot of character and they serve as anchoring for the melodies that follow. A hypnotic bassline gives the song great groove and carries it superbly through the whole 8 and a half minute journey. The distinctive lead line is introduced early on and it is modulated and effected throughout giving plenty of interest. Also of note is the superb use of chimes that give an organic fell to this mainly synthetic sounding song. During the minute long break in the middle, Gai Barone plays even more with the lead line theme after which the tune relentlessly marches on. Spacey pads and swirling atmospherics continue to flow smoothly all around the core of the song giving it a very sophisticated feel. Around a minute before the end things get stripped back quite a bit as the distinctive off beat percussive sound gets filtered out. The song finishes with the sound of a needle on the record reaching its end, a very nice touch indeed. Overall “Save my Queen” is a fantastic effort from Gai Barone that will cement him even further as a favourite for those digging the melodic progressive sound.

The remix deviates quite a bit from the original yet the connection is still very clear. LoQuai’s productions have a distinctive sound and he manages to make this remix very much his own while still being respectful of Gai Barone’s ideas. LoQuai made the track a bit more spaced out and gave it a tougher beat basis. The choppy bassline gives the track an almost breakbeat feel, which is another genre LoQuai is well known for. Once the spacey pads come in around the 3 minute mark the listener is fully immersed and everything falls into place superbly. After the minute long break the song continues with the added force of additional bassline parts that provide ample flow and drive. The “Save my Queen” remix by LoQuai is a nice companion track to Gai’s Barone’s original. Together these two tracks make for a great release from Afterglow Records; a release you should definitely check out!


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