Gaspar Dattilo – Beautiful Playroom (Soundteller Records)

Deersky’s Soundteller Records returns this week for the labels 29th overall release. It features the debut of a very promising up and coming artist by the name of Gaspar Dattilo. This is the Argentinean producers first ever release and I have say it’s a very impressive debut. The track is entitled ‘Beautiful Playroom’ and it comes with a remix from Ariel AB.

Gaspar’s original mix begins with a rather unassuming groove that’s set against a wavy, hypnotic backdrop. A short break then introduces a bubbly synth line and once the kick drops back in you can feel a wonderfully, deep groove taking shape. There’s something about the backdrop of hazy chord changes that produces some nice emotions here. It’s an effortless glide that’s just got a cool vibe about it and it brings the track to a middle section where things get stripped down somewhat. The introduction of some tonal rhythms along with a very broken beat vibe make for a wicked transition into a shimmering break which provides an amazing relief of tension. Considering it’s Gaspar’s first ever release it’s a really exceptional track with a lot of very cool ideas and a laid back emotional resonance. Well done.

The lone remix is provided Ariel AB who is making his second appearance on Soundteller Records. Ariel remixed White Rhino’s “Galaxies at War’ for the label back in February of this year and the Argentinean producer has also appeared on Clinique Recordings and Whose Haus. For his ‘Beautiful Playroom’ interpretation Ariel has added a greater emotional edge to the production. The glassy harmonic sheets glimmer with a wonderful effervescence while the bubbly melodies play with your emotions even further. It’s a got a bit more of a dance floor presence as well with some clattering drum elements and quirky rhythms adding nicely to the harmonious groove. Solid work from Ariel and a top notch release for Deersky’s Soundteller Records.

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