Gero Jansen Reveals His Top 5

Changing is simply meant for the floor. A hard hitting kick drum paired with a hypnotic melody and atmosphere. Probably one of the best Gero Jansen tracks. Nice german underground techno signed by Carl Cox himself.

Close your Eyes is not that old yet and was recently introduced at cu. The unmistakable vocal “close your eyes and open your mind” brings everyone in the right mood. The highlight is clearly the break. You can just let yourself fall and drift completely and then you are quickly pulled back into reality during the functional drop and are forced to dance.

Molecular is made simple and presses like hell. Really nice warm bass, which is put into focus with a few top elements. The melody has absolute recognition value. The snare is also unusual but just fitting.

Your Love brings a little more feeling. A clear focus here is on building up tension over the entire track. Different melodies alternate and build on each other. Perfectly suited for all peak time sets. Probably one reason why Klaudia Gawlas plays it again and again in her sets.

Essence sets a horror movie in your head in motion. Few techno tracks have had such a blatant hypnotic effect so far. The melody is almost scary. The track is loosened up a bit by the children’s vocals and the innovative baseline. Some acid influence is also included. The track is everything but standard.


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