Ghoeyash – The Rising Sun (Clinique Recordings)

The 64th release on Clinique recordings is out this week and it features the return of Ghoeyash to the label. The Hungarian producer just delivered a wicked remix of Julian Rodriguez’s ‘The Hunter’ and has also appeared on Mistique Music and OLD SQL Recordings. Ghoeyash’s new single for Clinique is entitled ‘The Rising Sun’ and it comes with remixes from: Erdi Irmak and Terje Saether.

Ghoeyash’s deep and sultry grooves have given him a nice following in the progressive underground and ‘The Rising Sun’ is sure to build on that momentum. It’s got to be his most enchanting sounding piece to date with gorgeous melodic subtleties and light atmospheres that swirl endlessly throughout the framework. For as trippy and atmospheric sounding as it is it still packs some serious punch with big beats and a very widescreen feel. The breakdown is a wonderful journey into sonic sounds and the result is an underlying emotion that’s really beautiful. Great original from Ghoeyash who is making some amazing music at the moment. The first remix is supplied by Erdi Irmak who is making his debut appearance on Clinique Recordings. The Turkish producer has been considered one of the most consistent progressive house producers of the last 2 years so much so in fact that friskyRadio’s Ingo Vogelmann rated Erdi as one of 2013’s best artists along with Silinder and Ewan Rill. Accolades aside Erdi has delivered an incredible remix of ‘The Rising Sun’. The DJ support has been amazing and the track is currently in the top 10 of our overall Hype Chart. In going with a more dance floor friendly approach Erdi has provided a great complement to Ghoeyash’s deeper and more atmospheric original. Tough beats, ominous vocal hooks and techno inspired percussion lead the way here for what results in one of Erdi’s best works this year. The second and final remix is provided by Terje Saether who is also making his first appearance on Clinique Recordings. The Norwegian producer has amassed a very impressive discography over the course of his almost six year production career. Appearances on Nick Warren’s Hope Recordings, Connaisseur Recordings, Crossfade Sounds and Darkroom Dubs are the highlights but to be fair there are many other standout selections. For his ‘The Rising Sun’ interpretation Terje has delivered what is my favourite version on the release. There is something quite magical and timeless about it. Perhaps it’s the subtle acid lines, panoramic soundscapes and ultra cool vocal elements that remind me of 808 State. One thing’s for sure, all the elements work marvellously together and close the release out on a very strong note. Excellent stuff from Terje and a top notch release from Clinique Recordings.

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