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Giorgos Gatzigristos – Town Remixed (Cinematique)

The widely respected Cinematique imprint celebrates its 50th release this week and with that comes a very enticing remix package for the labels first ever release. The label was founded in 2010 by Robin de Lange and eventually became an official sister label to Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Music. The labels first ever release featured Dutch producer Giorgos Gatzigristos who at the time had just come off appearances on Bedrock and Manual. It was a brilliant start for the newly formed Cinematique who now almost four years later have built a reputation as one of the leaders in cutting edge electronica. The labels 50th release features Lanny May, PHM and Max Cue who have all provided their own unique takes on Giorgos’ ‘Town’ which was the lead track on Cinematique’s inaugural release.

Lanny May has long been considered one of the more unique and cutting edge artists in melodic electronica. The Berlin based producer definitely chooses his projects wisely and his meticulous discography more than proves that. Lanny’s remix here marks his 11th appearance on Cinematique and it’s another incredibly unique production that I absolutely love. Lanny has transformed Giorgos’ relatively straight forward ‘Town’ into a warped piece of electronic brilliance. It all starts with the delightfully hypnotic beats which seemingly grow more and more mesmerizing as the piece develops. Add to that an undeniably catchy bunch of electronics which flows through a series of unpredictable modulation that is sure to overload your senses in the best way imaginable. I have to say it’s one of Lanny’s coolest productions in a while and it gets Cinematique’s 50th release off to a great start.

The next interpretation comes from PHM who is making his fifth appearance on Cinematique. I first discovered the Bulgarian producer with his releases on Wide Angle Recordings which date back to 2011. PHM is another producer who has always been great at diversifying his sound and you never know quite what to expect to come out of his studio next. For his ‘Town’ interpretation PHM has definitely kept things close to the dance floor with a stark and at times ominous sounding rework. The tough beats and clusters of rough bass stabs lay down a spacious but incredibly groovy foundation early on. As the tracks begins to develop a distinct melodic theme fades into the mix which has an air of melancholia about it. Those waning tones slowly begin to gnaw away at your senses and somewhere along the line become almost longing or hopefully sounding. It’s a deeply emotional remix that’s sure to change the mood of your dance floor for the better.

The final remix comes from Max Cue who certainly provided electronic music fans with a wealth of incredible productions over the course of 2013. His work for Agara Music and 3rd Avenue were in heavy rotation on our office playlists and also won over many more progressive house oriented fans as well who may not have been familiar with Max previously. His interpretation of ‘Town’ marks his first ever appearance on Cinematique and it closes the release out on an extremely strong note. Backed by a grinding groove the smooth flowing momentum is quite high even at the tracks outset. The delicate electronics bounce vibrantly and add mightily to the groove as it builds towards the second act. A set of highly emotional chord changes takes the piece through a slightly stripped down middle section before some additional keys get added in for the ultimate melodic finale. Great work from Max and can’t wait to hear more from him. Coming up with a worthy anniversary type release is always quite a daunting task but by all accounts Cinematique has done their 50th release justice. All three versions here offer something quite captivating both for your living room and the dance floor. Highly recommended.

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