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Greg from Catz ‘n Dogz Finds the Beauty of Balance in Family and Career

Label owners, DJ’s and producers, Catz ‘n Dogz hold down a busy schedule including releases on labels such as DIRTYBIRD, Defected, Watergate Records and their own Pets Recordings.

Catz ‘n Dogz have come quite a long way over the last decade-plus. Since taking up their current mantle in 2011, the friends-turned-partners have grown into veritable stars who enamor crowds the world over with a their genre blurring sets and productions. They clearly have an ear for an earworm; afterall, they’re one of a select few who can say they’ve held a top spot at Beatport for over five months, in addition to two Essential Mixes, countless recognition on Triple J, and beyond. This extends to curation as well, with the duos’ Pets Recordings having become one of the most respected labels in house music in the years since its foundation.

Body“, featuring Simon Black, only adds to this impressive legacy. The single lands Catz ‘n Dogz’s regular home of DIRTYBIRD—which, fun fact—played a large role in the guys becoming “Catz ‘n Dogz” in the first place after signing their first release there nine years ago. “Body” moves bodies using vibrant, arpeggiated basslines and clean percussion. Bursts of synths and Simon’s energized vocal clips flow atop this strong canvas, with all elements blending together to create an instant hit.

But who are Catz ‘n Dogz beyond the music? While they remain fiercely dedicated to their craft, both members have packed lives outside the decks—especially Greg, who’s just given birth to his first child. Curious to hear about the implications of family life during his peak career years and how he’s managed to balance family duties and music thus far, we sat him down to share his wisdom thus far on the subject.

“I’m still trying to figure out the balance as my daughter is only 3 months old. So unfortunately no tips from me just yet ! One thing for certain – since becoming a father, I have gained extra respect to all the dj’s and producers who are parents. It’s definitely not an easy time and my first thought when I was trying to work was to compare it to working in the crowded airport coffee place, when you are super jetlaged and there are babies crying around you heheh

Luckily as she gets older it’s a bit better and three months in, one can slowly find the rhythm. Totally new one that’s for sure! The life as I know it has changed. The greatest advantage at the moment is that waking up to play a party from 3am is no problem anymore. I was usually pretty tired after touring and touring feels very relaxing.

Anyway- to be perfectly honest: fatherhood is a beautiful experience and makes you appreciate everything much more: your life, family, friends, work and music. It has a great impact on my creativity too. I am a generally happy person & I’m looking forward for new adventures!”


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