GSEP – Holy House (Sleepless Nights Recordings)

It’s a rare thing in electronic music these days but Sleepless Nights Recordings always seems to nail it with each successive release. The Irish imprint run by Soulfinder & Vincent Furlong has expertly carved out what is one of the best underground progressive imprints currently running. Their releases from Biologik, Juan Deminicis and Soulfinder have been the most notable  but each and every outing on the label carries its own special moments. If you look at their discography they’ve built the label with a great variety of quality producers and well spaced releases. It’s a tough thing to do and Soulfinder and Vincent deserve some major props here. The labels newest release comes from John Martin aka GSEP who is making his first appearance on the label. John’s debut single for Sleepless Nights is entitled ‘Holy House’ and it comes with a remix from Ewan Rill.

UK producer John Martin aka GSEP has been very quiet of late with his last release coming just about a year ago on Soulfire Downloads. John’s an interesting talent who always seems to have a great vibe about his productions. I first heard about him with his initial releases on Whose Haus which go back to early 2012. The first thing you notice is how timeless his productions sound. It’s music that would’ve sounded good 10 years ago and it will still sound good 10 years from now meaning there isn’t anything about it that dates it to a specific period of time and that’s a trait that some of the top techno producer’s in the world share. ‘Holy House’ more than fits that description with its funky, elastic-like bass tones and light, airy surroundings. The celestial vocal pads are a gorgeous and deeply emotional touch which play off the aquatic sounding melodies perfectly. I would say it’s John’s purest progressive record to date and also his most complex work as well. The interwoven harmonics are really special particularly during the main break where you really get a chance to hear everything breathe. Excellent stuff from GSEP!

The lone remix is provided by Ewan Rill who is also making his debut on the label. Hailing from Russia Ivan Romanovskii aka Ewan Rill has been one of the more prolific producers over the last few years. His discography is absolutely enormous and the amazing thing about it is the quality of the productions never wavers. Ewan is a producer that has really mastered his craft. His ability to churn out great track after great track is pretty much unmatched in the progressive house underground. With that said Ewan’s remix of ‘Holy House’ is one of his best so it’s also no surprise that it currently sits at #2 in our overall Hype Chart. The Russian producer has provided a more streamlined interpretation which proves to be the ideal complement to John’s groovier original. The combination of hypnotic energy and glacial melodies comes together for the ultimate harmonic unison. The goosebump moments are plentiful and the quality of the beats will ensure it’s a stand out selection in any set. Just a wicked remix from Ewan and a smashing release from Sleepless Nights who are building a special label at the moment.

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