Gvozdini – Mystical Carpathian (Aethereal)

The 23rd release on Aethereal welcomes Gvozdini to the label for his debut single.

Gvozdini - Mystical Carpathian

The Ukrainian artist boasts an impressive discography with appearances on Balkan Connection, Moonchild Records and Soundteller Records. Now for his Aethereal debut Gvozdini presents his latest single entitled ‘Mystical Carpathian’ alongside remixes from Andres W, George Yammine and Sean McClellan.

The original mix leads the release off and finds Gvozdini crafting another one of his infectious progressive bombs. Backed by a driving groove and spiralling hypnotics the mix displays great energy early on. Soft vocal pads soon descend over the framework along with a long harmonic refrain which carries the track into the main break. Here Gvozdini builds tension with cutting edge electronics before a set of raspy synth hooks summons the groove back for a huge finish.

The remixes included all offer something complementary to the huge original and make for a well rounded release. Andres Wolovich aka Andres W hails from Argentina and has had quite a run of releases this year on Stellar Fountain, Soulfire Downloads, Electronic Tree and Clinique Recordings. His ”Mystical Carpathian’ interpretation goes deeper and dreamier with great results. Much like some of his most loved work he crafts an amazing journey into textural sounds and mystical melodies. The stripped down second act features some lovely aquatic designs before the buzzing synths reinvigorate the groove for a smooth and serene conclusion. Great work from Andres.

The second interpretation of ‘Mystical Carpathian’ is provided by George Yammine who is making his first appearance on Aethereal. Hailing from Denmark, George began his production career in 2012 with releases on Carica and C Limited. Over the next four years George would add Baroque Records and Stellar Fountain to his discography and even earned support from Hernan Cattaneo in the process. For his ‘Mystical Carpathian’ interpretation George has taken the progressive minded original and transformed it into a deep and sultry beauty. Anchored by a pristinely tailored groove and soft tonal themes the piece flows wonderfully while a lovely set of vocal pads adds a celestial quality throughout. Gorgeous remix from George.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Mystical Carpathian’ is provided by Sean McClellan who is making his first appearance on Aethereal. The US producer has a storied history in electronic music; his appearances on Bedrock Records, Baroque Records and System Recordings have stood the test of time remarkably well and he’s closed the release out with a great remix of ‘Mystical Carpathian’. Aptly coined ‘Haunted Forest’ Sean’s interpretation flows through a myriad of spooky synth motifs and smooth hypnotic lines. Lush vocal gates add a gorgeous touch and that chugging groove just flows like butter. Superb interpretation by Sean which ends the package on a high note. Don’t miss it.

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