Harmon Ikka – Beneath the Surface EP [Suffused Music]

The 108th release on Suffused Music welcomes Harmon Ikka back to the label for his debut EP.

Harmon Ikka - Beneath the Surface EP

The Portuguese producer first appeared on the Lithuanian imprint in August of this year with a remix of Audio Noir’s ‘Paris After Midnight’. Harmon’s techno inspired approach to the piece closed the release out strong and here we see him presenting his new three track EP entitled ‘Beneath The Surface’.

The release gets under way with the title cut and finds Harmon crafting a tough, groovy number which crosses genres nicely. It’s chunky foundation, spacious drums and catchy bass hooks set a wonderful framework for a bevy of unique motifs to work their magic. Spacey designs and airy pads complement the acidic groove while the calculated break is sure to deliver a great dance floor moment. Amazing start to the release.

The EPs second selection ‘Circling the Event Horizon’ is a more distinctly themed piece with its timeless hypnotic flow. Led by an evolving vortex of synths it takes you deep into electronic space while a barrage of claps and offset keys light up the framework in vibrant fashion. Another well constructed second act peaks anticipation before a smooth rush of beats and rhythms rises the intensity a few notches higher.

The EPs third and final selection ‘On the Other Side of the Wormhole’ goes deeper with warm grooves, acidic lines and granular designs, all wrapped up in a back room state of mind. A third act of timeless tonal motifs and warbly hooks leave you with a great feeling as the EP comes to a close, and makes you wonder what’s on the horizon for Harmon’s unique sounds. Another exceptional signing from Suffused Music who have spotted a rising talent here. Don’t miss it.

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