Haroun Omar – Sunset Kabul (Soundteller Records)

Deersky’s Soundteller Records was launched in November of 2011 and now just 10 months later the label is celebrating its 10th release. Soundteller has very carefully built up a great discography that’s full of great up and coming talents and also some more established names as well like Cid Inc., Mike Griego, Beat Syndrome, Silinder, Micrologue and Kastis Torrau & Arnas D. The 10th release on Soundteller features the debut of Haroun Omar to the label with his single ‘Sunset Kabul’ which includes remix by: Cristian R., Matias Chilano and Miraculum.

Afghan producer Haroun Omar started his production career on Deepsessions Recordings in late 2010 and has since gone on to appear on Mistique, OLD SQL and Progressive House Worldwide. Omar’s debut single for Soundteller is a real subtle beauty. The intricate groove is immaculately produced and the rough underbelly of rolling bass stabs is unique and quirky. Ultimately though it’s the glacial pads that bring that airy, celestial sounding atmospheric quality that we really love here. It gives the illusion of a very wide and expansive production that you just get lost in. Great work form Omar.

The first remix comes from Cristian R. who is returning to Soundteller for his 3rd appearance. The Argentinean producer was an integral part in the beginning of the label as he provided a remix on the first release and a two track EP for its 3rd release. Cristian’s cool, atmospheric sound has lent itself very well to ‘Sunset Kabul’. The beefier foundation has given the record a real presence and has added an overall warmth to gorgeous atmospheres above. There’s a lot of underrated producers out there and Cristian is certainly one of the them. Excellent stuff here and we look forward to hearing more form him soon.

The second interpretation comes from the red hot Matias Chilano who is returning to Soundteller for his third appearance. We’ve written about Matias a lot this year so he must be on one hell of a roll. It’s been all forward progress since he won the Sound Avenue remix competition a few years back. His productions have now received club and radio play from Hernan Cattaneo and he continues to be one of the most in demand remixers in the progressive underground. Needless to say Matias’ ‘Sunset Kabul’ interpretation is another atmospheric beauty with some really great elements. The soft, panning vocal gates are about as heavenly as you can get while the tougher sounding drums really give the piece a great dance floor presence. Outstanding work once again from Matias.

The package is closed out with two remixes by one of the industry’s most creative producers. MiraculuM productions can at times be few and far between but right now his fans must be rejoicing as there has been a massive wave of amazing productions from the Hungarian producer. MiraculuM has this amazing ability to create the most interesting sounds and somehow he manages to make them work cohesively together in a composition. His two interpretations of ‘Sunset Kabul’ again feature some of his trademark out of this world sound design. What’s even more compelling here is how his compositions are very evocative stories. Miraculum has never been one to base a track around one idea and try and stretch it out for eight minutes. He incorporates so many cool ideas that seamlessly weave their way in and out of the futuristic sounding framework. Both versions of ‘Sunset Kabul’ encompass all those attributes and more. We absolute love what he’s done here and they are productions that you’ll be able to listen to several times over and still be discovering new things about. Excellent and incredibly creative stuff form Miraculum and a another top notch release from Deersky’s Soundteller Records.

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