Hosini who turned heads with an EP on Anjunadeep tells us about his new release on XYZ

Hosini who turned heads with an EP on Anjunadeep tells us about his new release on XYZ

Sweden’s Hosini is beginning to makes waves with his sultry brand of melodic house. He burst onto the scene with a debut EP on Anjunadeep, and a remix from Gorje Hewek and Ihevski which quickly became a Burning Man favorite.

With support from the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Sebastian Leger, Lee Burridge, and Pete Tong, it is clear that Hosini’s music connects with some of the industries leading taste-makers. His most recent project, the Soul Search EP, comes on the new XYZ label, and features a blend of emotive, atmospheric, melodic, and dubby grooves. Avoiding the spotlight seems to come naturally for him, but we caught up with mysterious producer, aka Rebin Hosini, to gain some insight into his project as he looks forward to a big 2019.

Hi there Rebin, thanks for joining us today!

Thanks for having me 🙂

How are things in Stockholm did you enjoy the holidays?

Cold and beautiful are two words that sum it up pretty well. However, I have been in Stockholm for the last couple of holidays so I am considering traveling a couple of days, but I still haven’t decided where to go..

We’ve been enjoying your most recent release, the Soul Search EP. It’s hard to choose a standout tune, as each track has a unique character to it. Can you tell us a bit about the process behind the diverse project?

The EP is a mix of different tracks that showcases some of the styles I am working on at the moment. It starts with the title track Soul Search, which is a more dubby and dark track. The work process behind this track was a bit different in relation to my other releases, since I usually focus on melodic elements and build the groove after. I also had the idea clear in my head before starting the production, which was also different from my usual workflow.

With Centauri and Syd, the process was not the same. Starting with Centauri, I had the initial idea produced but it was lacking a story. I left the project and watched a space documentary one late evening where they discussed Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to our solar system. Directly after watching that I sat up all night and finished the track (Yes, I am obsessed by astronomy). For Syd, the workflow was fast and it is the track that is most related to my previous work. I believe I finished the main arrangement in a just a couple of hours.

You’re one of the first artists, along with Budakid, to release on the new label XYZ. What’s it like be a part of a brand new label without an established sound?

It feels like I am a part of shaping the sound of the label which is really fun, even if it turns out not to be the case :). I have a close relationship with the team behind
the label and I feel that the communication with the label is important to ensure that the music and labels vision is aligned. XYZ is definitely a label to keep an eye out for, looking
forward to hearing more music from them.

As somebody still early in their artistic career, what is the next major step you hope to achieve in the short term?

I think the first step is to keep making music, it might not be a major step but an important step for me to keep developing as an artist and person. The major step would be to showcase my music live.

What are your go-to tools in the studio? Is there a particular setting where you enjoy producing the most?

I just got a mic so that I can record stuff properly in the studio, before that I used to record using my phone. However the recorder is not portable so that I have to be creative with what I have in the studio. Other than that, I do not use a lot of analog stuff. I try to utilize
the native plugins that comes with the DAW, they usually have much more power than you think if you learn how to use them. The best setting would be in my room during the evening. Sometimes I sit in “real” studios depending on what I am doing but for the moment I feel more creative with limited gear (headphones and my laptop) at my own place.

Is there potential for your studio process to develop into a live show?

There is definitely potential for that. Looking forward, I hope to bring something unique and different to live shows.

Which elements, in terms of both atmosphere and music, do you feel would be essential for a Hosini performance?

My vision is to have an atmosphere where I can communicate the emotions I initially had when making the music, since that’s key for offering an experience instead of a regular performance. I think the elements in the performance, both musically and in terms of atmosphere, need to be aligned for an amazing experience and it’s something I have been missing when seeing a lot of artists perform. I prefer no visuals/atmosphere over something
with no connection between the visuals/atmosphere and music.

Inspiration can come from many places. Outside of music, what gets your creative juices flowing?

Hosini – I think film inspires me for a lot of music, it does not have to come from the score and could just be the visuals. Art and nature are two things that really get me creative and sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how it inspires my creativity but it works and I am not complaining 🙂

What do you have playing in your headphones these days? Are there any new artists you’ve got an eye on?

I have been getting into a lot of 50-60s music lately, feels like I have been missing out on a lot of amazing music since I am born in the 90s. In the electronic scene there are so many great up-and-coming artists it would be hard to just mention a few. A couple of months ago I randomly stumbled upon this artist called Brickman and I have been repeating his music ever since.

Anything exciting in the works for 2019?

Yes, I have a remix coming out early next year, a collaboration and plenty of original music in the pipeline.

You can pick up a copy of Hosini’s new release from HERE


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