Hugo Ibarra, Antu Coimbra – Oblivion / Natural Glow (Plattenbank)

The latest release on Plattenbank welcomes Hugo Ibarra and Antu Coimbra to the label for a brand new double a-side release.

Hugo Ibarra and Antu Coimbra

The Guy Mantzur headed imprint has grown into one of the undergrounds top labels this year. A string of releases from Guy J, Mike Griego, Chicola, BP and Interaxxis have yielded sensational DJ support with several plays and chart features from Hernan Cattaneo. Plattenbank’s latest finds Hugo Ibarra and Antu Coimbra presenting two brand new original productions alongside a remix from The Element.

Hailing from Mexico and Argentina respectively Hugo and Antu have both had great success in their solo careers, having collectively appeared on Baires Records, Hope Recordings, Movement Recordings and Magic Room. The two tracks included here mark their first ever collaborations together and the results are quite stunning. The lead track ‘Oblivion’ is immediately enchanting with its drummy, hypnotic groove and glowing atmospheric backdrop. The rugged energy emanating from the foundation is positively electric as a complement of gleaming keys slowly begins to surface as the break approaches. Big lead stabs add some punch and depth before descending into a glorious sequence of chord changes. The main break then furthers the dramatic tension with an exhilarating build and cluster mash of keys; it’s a goosebump inducing rush to say the least and a strong third act takes things one tasteful notch higher. Beautiful work from Hugo and Antu.

The companion piece ‘Natural Glow’ comes in a bit groovier but the same electric energy from ‘Oblivion’ is well conveyed. The driving groove and waves of electronics make for a mesmerizing start, before a myriad of melodic motifs, vocal pads and bassy swells converge for an amazing ‘wall of sound’ moment. It’s a charming vibe and in the best way imaginable. Two amazing cuts from Hugo and Antu.

The lone interpretation of ‘Natural Glow’ is provided by The Element who is making his first appearance on Plattenbank. Sean Noel Sammut aka The Element hails from Malta and has been a primary fixture of the country’s night life for over 20 years. The Cosa Nostra & Sankeys resident is one of Malta’s foremost DJs but he has never actually released a track until now. Sean’s years both in clubs and behind the decks have served him well as this learned sense of dance floor dynamics certainly shines through in his ‘Natural Glow’ interpretation. The deep foundation is carved to perfection for the ultimate groove while the main melodic elements from the original have been reshaped and presented in a much subtler and esoteric manner. The end result is a dreamy production that’s got a great dance floor sensibility and is also a joy to listen to. Hernan Cattaneo seems to think so too as the storied DJ has already been showcasing the track in his live sets of late. Superb remix from The Element and likely the beginning of many great sonic creations from this exciting new production talent. Top release from Plattenbank once again, can’t recommend it highly enough.

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