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Huminal – Prophecies (FutureForm Music)

One of this year’s best progressive house releases was undoubtedly Rich Curtis’ Latitude End’ which came courtesy of FutureForm Music. The release not only contained a smashing original from Rich but 3 amazing remixes from Andre Sobota, Noraj Cue and FutureForm label boss Verve. The Aussie imprint returns this week for its fifth overall release which features an exciting artist debut on the label. Paul Sebastiaan Deetman and Jelle Anton Jansen hail from the Netherlands and together they make up the Huminal production duo. Their debut EP for Futureform is entitled ‘Prophecies’ and it comes with four brand new original productions.

Other than an entry into the Max Cooper & Braids ‘Pleasures’ remix competition this will be the everyone’s first look at Huminal and it’s an impressive debut. All four cuts here are meticulously produced and contain unique themes along with really spectacular sound design. The lead track in particular rivals what many of today’s top melodic techno producers are currently putting out. The grinding foundation is full of grainy character but not so much so that it sounds like a melodic techno cliché, there’s a fine line there at this point and they’ve nailed it perfectly. Ultimately it’s the subtle nature of the lead bells in conjunction with the smooth flowing foundation which really makes this track so magical. It’s a case of two prominent elements working together in perfect unison and the result is many goosebump moments throughout. The EP also has some nice variety as ‘Morphosis’ displays very well. It’s a much quirkier and more downplayed piece but it’s overall originality and uniqueness makes it a great listen several times over. Meanwhile ‘Greeksomnia’ offers a much more light hearted and playful vibe with its delicate beats and lively tones. The track however slowly builds into something vastly more powerful than its first half suggests. Following a short break the walls of granular fuzz and hazy harmonic sheets reach a wonderful atmospheric peak that is tastefully epic. The EP concludes with ‘Dawner’ which is probably it’s most techno inspired piece. The stripped back nature and ever evolving lines make it a hypno masterpiece and the metallic surroundings certainly pack some dance floor punch. It again shows some nice variance in production style and just adds to the well rounded nature of the entire EP. Huminal are definitely a name to watch for the remainder of this year and props to FutureForm for being the first to showcase this talented duo. Highly Recommended.

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