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I Hate You – 11315 Days (Flow Vinyl)

The latest release on Flow Vinyl finds David Granha making his label debut under his ‘I Hate You’ moniker.

I Hate You - 11315 Days

This is not a new alias for David but one that is used for his deeper more indie styled productions. It’s been another incredible year for the Spanish producer, after reinventing his sound for what I think is the fourth (off the top of my head) time, he’s managed to secure releases on, Steyoyke, Einmusika and Parquet Recordings. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an artist be successful at so many stylistic shifts but David has absolutely done it. His latest under the aforementioned ‘I Hate You’ moniker is entitled ‘11315 Days’ and features remixes from Jimmy Van M, Kassey Voorn and DJ Thomas Turner and ARBG.

David’s ‘I Hate You’ moniker has already found a home on Toolroom and Heavenly Bodies, where he’s explored everything from club oriented tech house to indie dance. On ‘11315 Days’ you do get something quite unique once again with slower tempos, distinctive designs and an overall funkier sensibility, all wrapped up in David’s hallmark production quality. Anchored by an acidic groove, David quickly introduces catchy tonal designs and a variety of soul infused vocal stabs. A well crafted second act builds tension with broken beats and a trail of tripped out sonics, ultimately setting up a great payoff. The third act shines with a storyboard of modulation and vocal effects that further tantalize the senses, before getting washed away in favour of a more stripped down, funk-laden portion of the groove to carry the track out. Wonderful work from David. 

The first interpretation of ‘11315 Days’ is provided by Jimmy Van M who is making his first appearance on Flow Vinyl. From the legendary Orlando scene dating back to the early 90’s to the Delta Heavy Tour and Twilo residency all the way through to present day Jimmy’s place in electronic music is forever etched in stone. He’s continually evolved as both a producer and DJ and is thus still being widely regarded as one of the freshest programmers and producers in the industry. 2015 has seen Jimmy with new music on Bedrock and Parquet, and as the year is winding down he’s set to launch his new Mater imprint in December which is something to look forward to. On his ‘11315 Days’ interpretation Jimmy has brought an atmospheric techno sensibility to it, which sits as a great complement to the original. Beginning with tough kicks, vocal edits and feathered hats it slowly develops a very intriguing story. As textural motifs and melodic accents pierce the air a low slung groove drops in to provide the ultimate drive. Rhythmic waves combined with drummy fills and a rising atmospheric tension bring a large, yet spacious presence to the track; and with a downright haunting break and stripped down re-entry it’s hard to go wrong. Just excellent stuff from Jimmy Van M. 

The second interpretation of ‘11315 Days’ is provided by Kassey Voorn and Thomas Turner. Hailing from Greece and the USA respectively Kassey and Thomas have worked together in the past, most notably on an amazing remix for Tim Penner & Amber Long’s ‘Forgive Me’. It’s proven to be a fruitful collaboration once again as they’ve delivered an excellent interpretation of ‘11315 Days’. Backed by a reshape of David’s acidic designs, Kassey and Thomas have carved out an equally compelling and more melodious groove. As expected there’s a touch more of an emotional tinge to this one which carries the track to the main break, before a sustained tone builds anticipation perfectly. Once the beats drop, the track shifts into hypno mode for a wonderful transition back to its groovier, emotional beginning. This one’s a great journey and one you’ll want to listen to a few times over to grasp it’s full story. Excellent remix from Kassey and Thomas. 

The third and final interpretation of ‘11315 Days’ is provided by ARGB who is making his first appearance on Flow Vinyl. With just one remix released in 2013 this looks to be a fresh start for the up and coming Portuguese talent. His funky, tech house approach is a superb complement to the other versions here and should be great for the dance floor as well. With a much more spacious approach to the groove those big growling stabs carry a lot more impact and the spiralling motifs build a wonderful momentum with the rhythmic elements. The short break is ideal here, it keeps that mid-set style energy flowing and builds just enough anticipation for a strong finish. Quality remix from ARGB and a superb release from Pena’s Flow Vinyl. Highly Recommended. 

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