Ilya Gerus – Adrenaline Rush (System Recordings)

The more dedicated progressive house fans will certainly be familiar with Ilya Deep. Over the course of his two year production career the Russian producer notched almost 50 entries on his discography which included appearances on: LuPS Records, Electronic Tree and Stripped Digital. As 2013 drew to a close Ilya dropped the ‘Deep’ alias in favour of his given name Ilya Gerus. He has gotten 2014 off to a great start with his new production moniker and has already appeared on Baroque Records, Liquid Grooves and LuPS Records. This week sees Ilya’s debut on System Recordings with his latest single entitled ‘Adrenaline Rush’ which comes with remixes from: Yuriy From Russia, Weird Sounding Dude and AlirezA DP.

Ilya’s always had a dreamy quality about his productions and that’s certainly evident again on ‘Adrenaline Rush’. The Russian producers muted tones and hazy atmospheres sound fabulous here and the timeless lead is a very nice touch. The groove is well complemented with subtle vocal gates and warm chords which carry the track well into the second half where the composition becomes even more heartfelt. Gorgeous stuff from Ilya. The first remix is provided by Yuriy From Russia who is perhaps the busiest producer on the planet at the moment. The Russian producer is rapidly approaching 150 releases for the year and we’re just half way through! Yuriy has always changed his production style quite a bit from production to production so you never know quite what to expect. His ‘Adrenaline Rush’ interpretation toughens the groove up nicely and still retains the ethereal themes from the original so it’s certainly much more suited to the dance floor. Yuriy’s offered up a smooth yet energetic style and that’s exactly what this remix needed. Gerat work as usual from Yuriy. The second remix is provided by Weird Sounding Dude who is making his debut on System Recordings. The Indian producer is one of 2014’s newest names in progressive house and he’s already got a nice discography with releases on Clinique Recordings and Magic Room. For his ‘Adrenaline Rush’ interpretation Weird Sounding Dude has delivered an uptempo version with great energy. The pumping rhythms are incredibly hypnotic and the sonic sounding sweeps seem to soar higher with each pass. The old school vibes are quite strong on this one and it complements the dreamy original and Yuriy’s techy interpretation quite well. The third and final remix is provided by AlirezA DP who is also making his debut on System Recordings. The Iranian producer has just come off an appearance on Baroque Records latest ‘Protocol’ compilation which was mixed by Beat Syndrome and he also has solid releases on Mistique Music, OLD SQL Recordings and Magic Room. AlirezA DP has delivered a chugging progressive rework with an incredible bass line that really stands out. That jagged wall of bass tones is quite powerful and the bubbly top end melodies seem to work well over it. The airy pads sound a touch more celestial here as they sit over a much darker underbelly than the three previous mixes. It really brings out the ethereal beauty of the top end just that much more and it closes the release out on a strong note. Solid stuff from System Recordings as usual.

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