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Ilya Gerus and Melodule – Prima Materia EP (Pro-B-Tech Records)

Pro-B-Tech Recordings returns following TR20’s amazing ‘MINI’ release with a brand new three track EP from Ilya Gerus and Melodule.

Ilya Gerus and Melodule - Prima Materia

Both producers are coming off amazing years with Ilya building his new alias through releases on Asymmetric Recordings and Balkan Connection while Melodule appeared on cutting edge imprints like Animate Dummy and Blendwerk. Hailing from Russia and Canada respectively Ilya and Melodule are working together for the first time here and the results are quite spectacular.

The EP begins with the title cut ‘Prima Materia’ which falls somewhere nicely between melodic techno and electronica. The tough techy kick and alluring beat patterns are quite fresh sounding and also captivating right from the start. As the piece builds the musical elements gradually creep into the mix and you’re met with several moments of intense beauty. A set of shimmering bell-like chimes are the standout element for me and sound absolutely fabulous over the rough and rugged foundation.

The second selection ‘Sherwood Forest’ comes in a bit more deliberate and quirky sounding. Again the beats are just terrific; quite unique and full of wonderful vibrancy. What’s really astounding is how well the all effects flow together for a fluid ever changing story throughout the track, it’s keeps things super fresh and paints a wonderful sonic soundscape.

The third and final selection ‘Spectrum’ finds Ilya and Melodule with a much deeper and dreamier creation. That tough kick still roots the piece but a low slung groove and esoteric sounding atmospheres cast a very introspective and at times deeply emotional vibe. The chord changes are highly emotive and the piano-like keys combined with a broken beat interlude are the icing on the cake. A perfect end to an exceptional EP from Ilya and Melodule. Let’s hope we see more joint productions from these two talents in the future. Highly Recommended.

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