In Interview with Klaudia Gawlas (Form Music)

Klaudia Gawlas is a techno force you’re sure to come in touch with soon. A serious DJ and producer, she’s beginning to leave her mark on audience saround the world thanks to a festival-ready sound that’s leaving dancers enthralled from Colombia to her native Germany. A producer of some repute, she’s repped a host of distinctive labels, incl. Popof’s FORM Music (where she popped up recently) and Joseph Capriati’s Redimension. Fresh off a tour of South America, we decided to catch up with Klaudia for a brief chat. Here’s what went down…

How are you, what’s good and bad in your world?

 I’m good – thank you. I just came back from Colombia and had a very good and intense time there. I had many overwhelming impressions and two very nice parties. 

But now the upcoming gigs are cancelled because of Corona and we don’t know how this ends up. We have to wait and we’ll see.

 Can you remember the first time you went to a rave or heard a record? How did you come to it?

 Well, I know I was in the car with my aunt and she had this cool music playing. It was very monotone, but full of energy and smashing. I was hooked right away. I asked her for the artist and she said it´s Jeff Mills. She gave me this cassette and I was listening to it every day. It was a set recording of him. It just blew me away. Then I started to go to Berlin for some raves and also visited Loveparade. That’s how it all started.

 Tell us what inspired your latest one on Form?

 I produced this track last year during the summer time. I tried to catch the summer and festival feelings and packed my inspirations into this Track. I am very proud that I could catch Julian Jeweil for a remix as he is a very good producer and I play his tracks since my beginnings. So it’s a big honor for me. We met last summer after his gig at a festival in Germany when I grabbed his shuttle, cause the driver forgot to pick me up for my gig and I asked him if he wanted to do a remix for me. He said yes right away, which makes me very happy!

 So how did you come to work with that label?

 It was actually the label who asked me for some tracks and so I sent them some of my newest productions including the remix by Julian and they signed it.

 Do you always have to be in the studio to produce or can you work on the road?

 I could produce on the road but honestly traveling most of the time is very hard and the time is very clocked, so I don’t know if producing under that pressure would be the best for the quality of my productions. I love to be in the studio with a good soundsystem, enough time and no pressure.

 Do you have a philosophy or a mantra that you repeat to yourself either in the studio, on tour, when you can’t be arsed or similar?

 It’s all about music and we all speak one language.

 Do you feel by now you can really get down the sounds you want, and say what you want through music?

 I think everybody can say everything through music, when it’s not intentionally destructive or hurtful, but your own taste is not always similar to the people. So you sometimes have to decide, if you do the music just for yourself and your own fulfillment or to attend to your fans and the ravers which are in the clubs or at the Festivals.

 Do you have any conflict, any difficult decisions in your musical life/artistic life, any internal struggles? 

 Who doesn’t? I often had to make decisions in life and in the business and not all had been the right ones, but that’s how the cookie crumbles. Just do it, stand behind it and if it was wrong, then do it better the next time or stop doing it.

 What do you do to get away from music? Who do you hang out with?

 I love being out in the nature. Also I love to go hiking or just to read a book. There are not so many things I do outside of music. Music is alway around me. When I was a child and a teenager, I loved to play soccer and wasn’t that bad. 

The one´s I hang out with during the week or when I’m on holidays are my closest friends. On tour I love to exchange ideas with colleagues.

 What’s next?

 I am looking forward to the festival season and to release all my new tracks I did lately in the studio. I love to be on stage and celebrate the music with the crowd – that’s the thing that forces me and keeps me going. All the great feedback from the people. There is more to come, but we will see. I also think about recording a new album. But this will be a longer story.

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