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Ingo Vogelmann – Everything Is Forever (L2MSC)

The long awaited return of Ingo Vogelmann’s L2MSC imprint is finally here and it features the label boss himself with a brand new EP. Ingo Vogelmann productions are few and far between these days but that’s not from a lack of time in the studio or remix requests. Never one to put a production out purely for the sake of it Ingo is quite picky with his projects. Remixes for Asia Music and Cirque Du Son is all we’ve seen in the last calendar year so some new original material is certainly welcome. Ingo’s debut EP for the newly relaunched L2MSC Music is entitled ‘Everything Is Forever’ and it comes with 2 brand new original productions.

The lead track on the EP ‘Monkeys’ begins with a tough percussive framework that’s nicely complemented with dancing keys and subtle acid lines. The rhythmic stabs lock down the groove nicely and the shifting modulation carries the track through a myriad of ideas. The eventual peak of record comes with the tweaked rhythms and nasally acid lines working together in perfect sonic harmony. A great start to the EP.

The companion piece ‘Memories I Keep’ is perhaps an even funkier affair. Backed by a well carved, elastic-like groove the journey begins with a squelchy acid line and a great complement of drums. As the track builds a musical theme begins to form with bubbly textures and a playful sequence of stabs. After an intense climax following the main break the acid lines gradually return and the modulation further assaults your senses. Ingo has also supplied an Intro version which contains all the great elements from the original but with a beatless section that precedes the dance floor business. Both versions offer something that is not only great for the dance floor but your mind as well so be prepared for a thought provoking journey. Two great cuts from Ingo which make for a great return for L2MSC.

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