Innate -Tronic Music (Baroque Records)

The 85th release on Baroque Records is out this week and it sees the labels owner and founder returning to the spotlight. I first heard about Keith McDonnell aka Innate with the release of his ‘Changes’ record which goes all the way back to 2000. I was still DJing at the time and it’s a record I played a fair bit. It’s growling synths, cool vocal elements and charged rhythms were incredibly fresh and sounded quite murderous on a club system. Fast forward nearly 15 years and we see Keith returning with a new single entitled ‘Tronic Music’ which includes remixes from: Kreisel and Anton Stellz.

Keith’s original leads the release off with a very sonically inspired vibe. Menacing beats, subtle melodic accents and some very fresh sound design assault your senses as the composition builds. Chopped up vocals and cool rhythmic tones add some fine hooks which keep your interest peaking until the main breakdown. Here the vocal elements get expanded upon amidst a backdrop of psychedelic swirls and shifty tones. The smooth sonic assault continues throughout the second half with layers of drums and rolling grooves coming together for an exhilarating conclusion. Keith has also supplied a Mardy mix of the track which focuses on a bubbly lead line and those unmistakable shifting tones from the original which dominate the breakdown before a second half conclusion highlighted by gorgeous chimes. Can’t go wrong with either version here.

The first remix is supplied by Kreisel who is making his debut on Baroque Records but has appeared on the labels Digital division several times in the past. The Spanish producer just dropped a wicked EP on Canada’s Monique Musique and he’s delivered an awesome interpretation of ‘Tronic Music’ here. Kreisel’s stark techno sensibilities have worked wonders on the track for what results in a genre busting production which really hits the spot.

The second and final remix is provided by Anton Stellz who is returning to Baroque Records for his eighth appearance. In addition to being a primary contributor to Baroque the Russian producer has also appeared on Liquid Grooves and Drops. For his ‘Tronic Music’ interpretation Anton has provided an electro-tinged progressive version which goes down as the most dance floor friendly on the release. The electric grooves are incredibly infectious and the complement of reworked vocal elements just locks it down that much more. Great remix from Anton and a brilliant release from Baroque with Keith’s Original and Mardy mixes really standing out for me.

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