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Integral Bread – Moonscape EP (FutureForm Music)

Spanish producer Integral Bread makes his much anticipated debut on FutureForm Music with his ‘Moonscape’ EP.

integral bread moonscape

Aussie based imprint FutureForm Music returns with a brand new release that follows Matter’s superb ‘All Of The Above’ EP from September. Making his debut on the label this week is Integral Bread. The Spanish producer and head of Univak Records presents his much anticipated ‘Moonscape’ EP which includes remixes from Oovation and E-Spectro.

FutureForm’s Kieran ‘Verve’ Krohn and Herc Kass always manage to pull together very interesting projects and they’ve really selected some unique gems from Integral Bread. From the beginnings of the lead selection ‘Moonscape’ you get a great sense of how talented a sound designer Integral Bread is. The tracks uniquely tailored beats and futuristic electronics are just some of the sonic qualities to drool over and what makes it so great is it never loses sight of the dance floor. The appeal here is really quite broad which is another unique aspect of Integral Bread’s production. Techno, Progressive and Psychedelic DJs are sure to fall in love with this and it gets the EP off to a great start.

The lone remix of ‘Moonscape’ is provided by Oovation who is making his first appearance on FutureForm Music. Peter Bonaventura aka Oovation hails from Germany and at just 22 years old has already seen his pristinely polished productions appear on Inlab Recordings and Univack Records. For his ‘Moonscape’ interpretation Oovation has reinvented the track with some additional warm and gritty character. With more of a focus on the main harmonic theme as opposed to the stunning complement of sounds Oovation has provided a very worthy alternative which should find favour with the more contemporary progressive DJs as well.

The second original ‘Teoria de Cuerdas’ finds Integral Bread with a much funkier and equally deadly dance floor approach. The romping foundation is packed with boundless energy while the cool vocal elements and psychedelic design dazzles the senses mightily. There are a lot of memorable elements here and the cools hooks seem never ending. Definitely a dark room destroyer and my favourite track on the release.

The third and final original ‘Implosion’ is another dialed in, tripped out frolic which carries just as much dance floor vigor as the previous two originals. The brooding groove and alien-like vibes create an amazing atmosphere but it’s the uniquely sequenced melodies that get showcased during the main break which are the true aural candy. The layered beats; particularly after the drop add nicely to the funk of the groove and close the record out quite strong.

The lone remix of ‘Implosion’ is provided by E-Spectro who are also making their first appearance on FutureForm. The Russian duo are known not only for their great studio creations but also for being two thirds of the currently surging Blendwerk imprint. Always a formidable remix team E-Spectro have reinvented ‘Implosion’ in outstanding fashion. The Russian producers warped sensibilities provide another mind bending groove and the overlay of subtle tension does wonders for the anticipatory vibes. A massive set of lead bass tones evokes such a dynamic presence throughout the piece and ultimately carry the track to an exhilarating conclusion.

A massive release from FutureForm who aren’t afraid to step a little left of centre and showcase one of the underground’s most unique sound designers Integral Bread. Highly Recommended.

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