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Italian Techno Typhoon, Frankyeffe, continues fine form with debut Suara EP, ‘Hear Me’

30th March 2020 sees prolific Rome-based spinner and label owner Frankyeffe release his brand new ‘Hear Me’ EP. This essential four-track release arrives as his debut issue on Coyu’s revered Spanish label, Suara.

Dropping his third EP in just three months, Italian DJ/producer Frankyeffe boasts a work ethic unparalleled to the rest. Returning a mere weeks after his pounding ‘Insert’ EP, his brand new ‘Hear Me’ EP exhibits Suara’s iconic feline-themed artwork and sees the Italian techno typhoon revert to a more melodic standpoint. Frankyeffe, who also heads up his own Riot Recordings label, has previously featured on the likes of We Are The Brave, Filth On Acid, Tronic, Kraftek and Terminal M.

Kicking off with title track, Frankyeffe wastes no time in demonstrating his commanding capabilities. Coupling hypnotic hi hat and vocal interludes, ‘Hear Me’ carries vicious force and production, immediately setting the tone and exposing little room for respite. Second track, ‘Virtual’ takes a more direct standpoint offing up a denser kick drum and glimmering laser-style synths. ‘Mission of Life’ showcases a more gradual approach, subtle percussive arrangements swell behind the track’s building intensity and sublime TB-303-esque acid line before echoing off with emphatic rhythm and drive. Rounding off with ‘Random’, Frankyeffe teases hypnotic production alongside his usual pummeling production, his static atmospherics crackling over the track’s pulverising pulse.

‘Hear Me’ EP will be available digitally from 30th March 2020. You can pre-order ‘Hear Me’ via Beatport: HERE


01: Frankyeffe – ‘Hear Me’

02: Frankyeffe – ‘Virtual’

03: Frankyeffe – ‘Mission of Life’

04: Frankyeffe – ‘Random’






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