Ivan Garci – Summer Moments EP (Clinique Recordings)

Clinique Recordings returns once again for what is one of their biggest releases to date. It features the return of Ivan Garci to the label. The Spanish producer has appeared on Clinique twice in the past with his ‘My Place’ and ‘The Last Window’ EPs. Ivan’s new one is a massive package that features two brand new originals with remixes from: Hector Sawiak, Monojoke and Li-Polymer.

Both originals are really exceptional here; ‘Short’ and ‘Ya’ present cool blends of deep house and tech house. The vibes are unquestionable contemporary and the musical themes are are quite strong in both. What balances the package quite nicely though are the more progressive house flavoured versions. Hector Sawiak’s interpretation of of ‘Short’ keeps the ultra cool deep vibe but adds a back room proggy vibe into the mix as well. Meanwhile Monojoke who really impressed last week with his two track EP on Clinique also provides a great interpretation of ‘Short’. The heavy groove and brooding tones complement each other nicely while the rising melodic themes take things closer to goosebump territory. The lone remix of ‘Ya’ comes from Li-Polymer. The Portuguese producer has just come off a killer remix of Namatjira’s ‘Sequoia’ and also has Classound, Mistique, Afterglow and Balkan Connection on his discography. The deep house sensibility of the ‘Ya’ original is well maintained on Li-Polymer’s mix but with an added bit of dance floor punch which pushes it a tad closer to progressive territory. Li-Polymer is really making his mark this year and this is one of our favourites on the package. Great stuff from Clinique, don’t miss this one.

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