Ivanshee – Intergalactic (Inmost Records)

The latest release on Inmost Records finds the label welcoming Ivanshee back for a brand new EP.

Ivanshee - Intergalactic

Hailing from Belarus Ivan Shpakouski aka Ivanshee is making his 14th appearance on the Ukrainian imprint. Ran by Following Light and now with a discography of over 70 releases Inmost Records is now a force in the progressive house underground. The labels latest welcomes back one of its core contributors Ivanshee for a brand new two track EP entitled ‘Intergalactic’. 

The release begins with the title track and for those that have been following Ivanshee you know you’re bound to get some mystical progressive house. Clocking in at just over 120 BPM Ivanshee works a variety of shimmering motifs and sparking designs over the driving but groovy foundation. Clearly a lover of kaleidoscopic melodies and heartfelt atmospherics there is little doubt this one is aimed straight for your heart. 

The companion piece ‘Interplanetary’ lifts the tempo up quite a bit but with similar design qualities and perhaps a trippier feel. The scaling refrains which lead the main break are quite excellent ultimately build to a large euphoric motif which powers the third act to an epic conclusion, one which should find favour with both progressive and trance fans. Great stuff from Ivanshee and a quality outing for Following light’s Inmost Records. Don’t miss it. 

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