JAAP LIGTHART – WANNABE (LUPS RECORDS) Jaap Ligthart – Wannabe (LuPS Records)

LuPSRec 137 brings a new EP by Dutchman Jaap Ligthart. This EP contains two tracks in a more Tech House style. The Original version of Wannabee is a sleazy track with a dark groove and some cool stabs which reminds of Aphex Twin – Windowlicker. Halfway the track Jaap introduces a subtle pianopart with some eerie pads which changes the track. Combined with some spraying sound fx’s it all leads to a cool track. If this isn’t enough Jaap also delivers a more stripped down Dub version with some cool new elements.The first remix of Wannabee comes from Dutch duo Frenkay Fresh & Dillon Leroux. They are delivering a straight forward remix with a funky vibe. This remix just pumps and makes you dance no matter what. A perfect setbuilder.

The last remix of Wannabee comes from Mr.Raf. Hailing from Israel Mr.Raf delivers a deep and moody remix with an old-school flavour. Some rather cool breakbeats are combined here with a deep bassline and the lazy pianoparts.

The other Original track on this EP is called Reshine. It contains a chugging groove with some weird bubbling arped synthsounds and crispy percussionlines. The whole arrangement has been topped off with some tweaked male vox snippets and white noise sweeps.

The only remix of Reshine comes from labelboss Jacco@Work. His re-interpretation is based upon a big bold steady groove with a wobbly funky bassline. On top he has put all sorts of Star Wars fx’s like lasersounds and space buzzers. Besides that he added some new melodylines.


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