Jacob Singer – Ganimedes (3rd Avenue)

Sound Avenue’s ‘3rd Avenue’ imprint returns this week and looks to build on an incredible first 3 releases. Two of the three in fact were Release Promo Hype Chart #1 releases and all have earned support from Hernan Cattaneo. This week sees Jacob Singer making his debut on the label with a new single entitled ‘ Ganimedes’ which includes remixes from: Eze Ramirez and Vlada D’Shake.

Jacob Singer hails from Madrid, Spain and first came to our attention with a series of productions for Electronic Tree. Jacob’s ‘Sirius EP’ was released in July of 2012 and showcased a cool progressive sound that had some wonderfully deep vibes but with an electric flair that still made it great for the dance floor. ‘Scare Of What’ followed 7 months later and showed a new maturity with an altogether smoother and more contemporary sound. Jacob seems to have continued on that course because ‘Ganimedes’ is a deep, atmospheric gem of the highest order. Filled with waves of spacey atmospheres and intricate electronics it’s blissed out magnificence from start to finish. The meandering middle section is the perfect transition back to the glacial sounds which you could seemingly listen to forever. We absolutely love this and could see it being an amazing warm-up record of r Hernan Cattaeno. Brilliant stuff from Jacob.

The first remix is provided by Eze Ramirez who ultimately was discovered by the Sound Avenue collective. The hugely up and coming Argentinean producer has now appeared on both 3rd Avenue and Crossfade Sounds. His remix here marks his second appearance on 3rd Avenue and he’s nailed another great remix on ‘Ganimedes’. Eze has added a much techier more percussive vibe that still carries a tremendous amount of funk as provided by a wicked set of bass stabs that sit at the foundation. The hauntingly beautiful atmosphere grows steadily as the track reaches the main break. Here the sweeping vocal pads carry the piece down to just a set of celestial sounding tones which are goose bump inducing to say the least. The track concludes with those great vocal pads and intricate percussion pushing forward for a smooth climax which really hits the spot.

The final remix is provided by Vlada D’Shake who is making his first appearance on the Sound Avenue family of labels. The Serbian producer has been much talked about over the last year as being one of the most promising up and comers from his home country. It would be hard to argue that with an impressive discography that includes: Balkan Connection, Stellar Fountain, Electronic Tree, LuPS and Clinique. Vlada’s ‘Ganimedes’ interpretation comes with a deep and trippy vibe that complements the other mixes really well. Trails of flickering synths combined with late night tones and soulful electronics combine to create a wonderful soundscape that’s going to be perfect for club or radio play. Excellent work turned in by everyone involved here and it’s actually our favourite 3rd Avenue release to date which is saying something considering how great the first three were. Highly Recommended. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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