Javanny – Dreamer (Suffused Music)

Suffused Music returns this week for the labels fifth overall release. The label has built up some nice momentum since their first release in March and looking at their upcoming release schedule they should be at the top of the progressive scene by year’s end. The labels fifth release features Javanny making his debut on the label. The Russian producer has been responsible for some very fine productions on both Mistique and Elliptical Sun over the last year and his new one entitled ‘Dreamer’ promises to be just as great.

The ‘Dreamer’ original carries all the great traits we’ve come to love about Javanny’s productions. The tough progressive beats and blissful chord changes are perfect for the summer time dance floors no doubt and the second half of the production really packs some punch. Filled with old school sounding builds and huge drum rolls expect a big reaction from the dance floor on this one. The first remix is supplied by Digital Department who is making his second appearance on Suffused here. Arseniy Somotov aka Digital Department has been making a name for himself not only in his Russian homeland but also in the global progressive house scene with his consistently good productions on Mistique, OLD SQL and Elliptical Sun Recordings. Digital Department is well known for both his progressive breaks and progressive house style productions and here for his ‘Dreamer’ interpretation he has gone the prog breaks route. The Russian producer has injected some serious life into this remix as the beats come with some amazing energy. The twinkly melodic elements have a wonderful incandescent glow about them and are very enchanting to say the least. And while it’s a real pleasure to listen to the tough beats keep it strong enough for any dance floor. Superb stuff from Digital Department.

Next up is Fiddler who has remixed Javanny in the past for Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music. Tibor Hegegus aka Fiddler who hails from Hungary and his productions always have a great sense of calm about them. His classic style makes his tracks quite timeless as well which is a very refreshing thing nowadays. Fiddler has added some wonderful musicality to his ‘Dreamer’ remix. The soft piano like keys during the drop combined with the warm atmospheric textures create one of the best musical moments on the release. Great work from Fiddler. The final remix comes from Junitoshi who is making his first appearance on Suffused. The Albanian producer has been getting some nice recognition for his work on Deepsessions, OLD SQL and Mistique. For his ‘Dreamer’ interpretation Junitoshi has delivered the most stripped down remix on the package. It complements the other versions very well and also allows the cascading pianos to really shine, especially during a brief broken beat section half way though. A classy sounding production from Junitoshi and a great package from Suffused Music once again.

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