Javanny – Galaxy (Mistique Music)

The 352nd release on Michael and Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music imprint is out this week and it features another up and coming progressive house producer from Russia. Javanny has appeared on Mistique three times in the past and his new single ‘Galaxy’ is out this week with remixes from: Fiddler, Psychowsky, Trukers and Wav-E.

If you’re a fan of Javanny’s previous productions you’re going to love this as it comes with his trademark melodic progressive sound. ‘Galaxy’ is full of rich textures, subtle atmospheres and charming electronics all which sit over warm bed of rolling low end frequencies. The punchy beats keep things on the dance floor and gorgeous melodies through the main section of the record are a beach side dream. Beautiful work from Javanny. The first remix comes from Tibor Hegegus aka Fiddler who hails from Hungary and just delivered a great remix of Loquai’s ‘Proteus’ for the first release on Suffused’s new imprint. Fiddler’s ‘Galaxy’ rework comes with a beautifully deep and serene vibe which proves to be a great atmospheric complement to the original. This one of those tacks to just drift away and get lost in your thoughts. Amazing stuff from Fiddler.

Next up is Psychowsky who returns to Mistique for his fourth overall appearance. The Greek producer has gotten 2013 off to a great start with releases on Progressive House Worldwide, Elliptical Sun and Future Synth. Psychowsly’s ‘Galaxy’ remix continues his strong run of productions with an up-tempo club interpretation which complements the previous deeper mixes quite well. The galloping groove is sure to be perfect for the dance floor and the glassy polish on the melodic elements sounds truly pristine. The next remix comes from Trukers who are one of Mistique’s primary breakbeat acts with 8 total appearances on the label over the last year. For his ‘Galaxy’ remix Trukers has crafted another amazing journey into melodic breakbeats that showcases some emotional chord changes, lovely vocal pads and scintillating harmonies. Closing the package out is Wav-E who is making his 20th appearance on Mistique. The Macedonian producer who is now based in Austria delivered a wicked remix on Tolga Diler’s ‘I Hear You Calling’ in February and he’s rounded the package out here with a nice remix as well. Wav-E’s love of piano melodies really shows once again with his remix here as he’s taken those elements and added some wonderful processing for an epic but classy vibe. The middle section of the record showcases some of Wav-E’s unique sound design with a wealth of twisted electronics and tough beats providing a nice contrast to the melodies which open and close the record. A great melodic release from Mistique that comes with some excellent variety on the remixes.

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