Jay Storic – Beyond The Orbit EP (Baroque Records)

Baroque Records returns this week following what was one of the labels biggest releases of the year just two weeks ago. The first single from Beat Factory’s much anticipated new album was unveiled and along with two smashing remixes from Andre Sobota. Aside from having one of Andre’s mixes selected as one of Beatport’s Must Hear tracks of the week the release also made it well in to the Beatport Top 50. This week the labels 149th overall releases sees Jay Storic returning for a new EP. Long-time progressive house fans will surely remember Jay’s releases on Rhythm Syndicate and Zazoo during the so called ‘golden years’ of progressive house and we’re thrilled to see some new material from him. Jay’s new EP for Baroque is entitled ‘Beyond The Orbit’ EP and it comes with four brand new productions.

The entire EP has this unique funkiness about it that sounds incredibly fresh and the sound design is really something to marvel at for sure; there’s a vast amount of creativity happening here. The tech-crunch and futuristic vibes of ‘Beyond The Orbit’ and ‘Carry Me’ are the first two cuts and they’re loaded with unique ideas and themes. The overall character of the sounds is what’s really impressive; a lot of producers nowadays seem to lack a certain distinctiveness when it comes to their sound but Jay’s stuff really stands out. Two incredibly cool cuts that will certainly take a few listens to get your head around and they set the stage quite well for the deeper and more serene sounding ‘Organic’ which is the EP’s third composition. A real standout track with a late night, back room vibe that burns slowly with just a hint of the quirkiness that the previous two works presented so perfectly. The EP closes with ‘Riding The Wind’ which might be the collection’s biggest sounding composition. Funky bass stabs, super catchy hooks and delicate melodic themes with just the right amount of peculiar brilliance make this a sure fire dance floor winner that closes the EP out in style. Top EP from Jay and a great release from Baroque.

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