Jelly For The Babies – Cosmopolis (Clinique Recordings)

The 65th release on Clinique Recordings features the debut of Jelly For The Babies to the label. It’s hard to believe that the prolific Serbian producer has yet to appear on Clinique as the Russian label has been a who’s who of progressive house talent over the last year. It’s certainly been well worth wait because Jelly’s debut ‘Cosmopolis’ looks set to be one of his most well received productions to date.

I’ve remarked a few times about how Jelly’s sound has evolved over the last year and ‘Cosmopolis’ is just further proof of that. The mid-tempo grooves are irresistibly deep and the complementary tones add a subtle rhythm which is quite contemporary. Long gaseous sweeps further enhance the atmosphere as subtle electronic accents weave their way in and out of the mix. Following a brief ambient interlude the groove picks back up along with some additional drums which provide just a touch more bounce to the sultry groove. It’s a subtle addition but one that’s going to be ideal when trying to properly program a set. Great stuff from Jelly From The Babies.

The first remix is supplied by Matias Larrosa and Nico Sparvieri who are both making their Clinique Recordings debut. They represent some of the best progressive house talent that Argentina has to offer and their recent production for Luis Bondio’s Classound Recordings certainly re-enforces that sentiment. For their ‘Cosmopolis’ interpretation Matais and Nico have put their own enchanting atmospheric spin on the production. It’s one of those pieces that sounds perfect for Hernan Cattaneo and not surprisingly the legendary DJ has already showcased the track on his Resident Delta FM radio show. The percussive groove has an effortless, floaty quality about it and the waves of drums give it the dynamic dance floor presence that it needs to be effective. Outstanding work form Matais and Nico.

The final remix on the release comes from Qoob who is also making his first appearance on Clinique Recordings. The Russian duo have been delivering extremely strong productions of late with their ‘Desert Cry’ single for Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings being one of the many highlights. For their ‘Cosmopolis’ interpretation Qoob have crafted a smooth and exhilarating rework that closes the release out very strong. The foundation of warm bass swells sounds absolutely fabulous and the slowly evolving electronic intricacies are equally exciting. It’s a piece that’s filled with lovely melodic themes as well which play mightily with your imagination as well as emotions. I’d say it’s one of Qoob’s most thought provoking and unique works to date and it rounds out one of Clinique Recordings best releases of 2014. Highly Recommended.

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