Jelly For The Babies & Marc Pollen – Flow Motion (Balkan Connection)

Two of Balkan Connection’s most well known and loved artists team up for the labels 232rd release. Jelly For The Babies and Marc Pollen have combined for 29 total releases on Balkan Connection and they are two of our favourite artists on the label so this was a collaboration we were really looking forward too. Together Marijan Raskovic aka Jelly For The Babies and Marc Pollen have crafted ‘Flow Motion’ which comes with two top shelf remixes from Silinder and Kobana.

Marijan and Marc both have meticulously crafted productions. Clean, pristine and crisp are words that come to mind when you hear their creations. ‘Flow Motion’ is quite an appropriate title as this production is one of the smoother sounding tracks we’ve heard in a while. A well textured bass line sits at the foundation and gives the entire track a bubbly, effervescent sound. The subtle atmo stabs work perfectly with groove and add a nice hooky quality while the quick drops keep the energy really high throughout. This is classy sounding stuff and what we really love about it is how effortless it sounds, just a real pleasure to listen to. A masterful production from and Marc.

The first remix comes from Gav Mulhall aka Silinder who returns to Balkan Connection for his second appearance on the label. The remix edition for Gav’s Proton Music release “Penthouse’ was released on BC just last month and here he provides a great remix of ‘Flow Motion’. Currently sitting at #2 in our overall Hype Chart Silinder’s mix presents a chugging tech house groove with a cool futuristic type vibe. There is some really unique sound design happening here from spacey atmospheric waves to the acidic warbles which add wonderfully to the groove. A good amount of atmospheric tension builds as the track reaches the main drop. Here a swirling rush of melodic textures engulfs the piece while the drums keep the groove locked. A nice build brings the tough beats back and a DJ friendly hypnotic tail end closes the record out perfectly. Great stuff from Silinder.

The final remix one the package comes from another great producer Kobana. Filip Kaczmarek aka Kobana is making his second appearance on Balkan Connection following a remix of Phulk D’s “Beyond’ which was released in early April. The great thing about Kobana’s productions is that they don’t follow the typical ‘progressive mold’ they accomplish what they need to in a much shorter time than what most would expect. There are no long drawn out 10 minute journeys but rather short and to the point dynamic sounding productions that are perfect for the dance floor. His remix here is no exception, clocking in at around five minutes the driving groove, grinding synths and wobbly melodies are totally intoxicating. Exceptional sounds form Kobana and a huge release from Balkan Connection. All three cuts are winners especially the original. Highly Recommended. Release Promo Hype Chart #2

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