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Jibe & Teho – White Panda EP (Cinematique)

Cinematique’s last outing was one of my favourite electronica releases of the year so far. The label presented three brand new interpretations of Giorgos Gatzigristos ‘Town’ which was Cinematique’s first ever release. The remixes supplied by Lanny May, PHM and Max Cue all offered something really unique and were great for listening or the dance floor. This week the Dutch label returns and presents a brand new EP from Jibe and Teho. It’s a very unique release in that there is a collaborative effort from Jibe and Teho which includes remixes from Van Did and Trinity & Beyond as well as one solo original from each producer for a total of five fresh tracks.

The lead track on the EP ‘White Panda’ gets underway with a very soft and inviting intro. The beats and scattered electronics have a wonderfully warm texture and present a very organic vibe. As the drums get added in the melodic content of record slowly comes to life with a cascade of gorgeous keys and these soft atmospheric swells which are goose bump inducing to say the least. The main break sees those grinding swells get turned up a few notches to create a suitably restrained tension. Once the beats return the warm rush of emotional energy continues to rise through the second half. I’d have to say it’s one of the more tastefully produced tracks I’ve heard in a while. It’s got such a nice blend of impassioned harmonies and the great vibes of the record are achieved without ever taking things too far or going too big. Amazing work from Jibe & Teho. Van Did’s interpretation stays true to the main themes from the original while adding a funkier twist to the foundation of the piece. The rough, well textured bass stabs that Van Did has added here give the track an entirely new dimension that should prove quite effective on the dance floor. Trinity & Beyond who provide the second and final interpretation of ‘White Panda’ offer a bit more of a techno inspired twist. The great musical themes from the original are down played just a touch in favour of a tougher more percussive outlook. Likely the best version for club play but I would still favour the original out of the three just based on it’s overwhelming beauty. All three mixes are outstanding though and I’m sure you’ll be hearing them a lot in the coming months.

The two solo originals included are also quite exceptional. The first on the release comes from Jibe and it’s entitled ‘Walk On The Other Side’. The French producer has delivered a production that is uniquely funky with some cool melodic quirks. The foundation of piece is well carved out with prominent bass tones creating some wicked swing throughout. What really stands out though and what I’ve always loved about Jibe’s productions are the hazy harmonic sheets that he seems to be so skilled at crafting. They have such a warm and alluring texture which just makes his tracks a pleasure to listen to. ‘Walk On The Other Side’ certainly has that and with the addition of some quirky electronic hooks and that wicked groove you’ve got a really unique production.

Teho’s solo production here ‘Full Of Flavor’ rounds the package out nicely with a smooth and serene vibe which suits the overall mood of the release perfectly. Galloping beats, atmospheric sweeps and a wonderful drummy rhythm gets the track underway nicely. As the atmo-sweeps intensify a delicate cluster of melodic keys begins to work some serious hypnotic magic. With the driving energy now in full swing an underlying set of chord changes just adds to the emotional grip the record has. Following a smooth breakdown where the flowing melodies get intensified just a touch the full groove and hypnotic clusters return full force. The second half of the piece soars even higher and the conclusion is the certainly the biggest on the release. A perfect peak time track for the intelligent dance floors out there and it rounds out an exceptional release on Cinematique. Highly Recommended.

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