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Jimmy Van M – QR feat. Miell (RLS)

Mark Betteridge’s new RLS imprint is set to focus on the darker side of underground house. It’s an impressive collective of labels that Mark has under his wing now with 99percenrrecordings and RELEASE already making serious noise for progressive house and techno connoisseurs respectively. The first offering on RLS comes from well known and well travelled DJ / Producer Jimmy Van M; it’s entitled ‘QR feat. Miell’ and it comes with two brand new original productions.

The QR original mix begins with a wobbly and incredibly infectious groove. Surrounding the framework is a wealth of fresh sounding electronics along with some impactful vocal snips from Miell. It’s a production with an incredible amount of dance floor pop; the drums deliver tremendous bounce and the continually evolving modulation on the electronics builds some wicked tension which should translate really well on an educated dance floor.  The Van M Dirty Resonance Mix offers a  more stripped back take on ‘QR’. Here Jimmy has crafted a pristinely processed techno groove that’s accented with rhythmic hits, striking stabs and plonky key sequences that come with a cool aquatic vibe.  Jimmy’s looking to focus on a contemporaty techno sound with his Dirty Resonance alias and he’s hit it bang on the money here.

The companion piece ‘BAAB’ closes the EP out with a dark, brooding vibe that is once again filled with some of the freshest electronics we’ve heard in a while. The deliberate bass line pushes the framework forward with great force while a wide array of clever hits and immaculate sound design keep the dance  floor attention sky high. A moody set of tones brings the track to a short drop where the brute force of that bass line really comes alive as the kick drops back for a wicked finale to the track. An outstanding debut for RLS, one of the best label debuts in years as a matter of fact and it’s always a thrill to see new material from Jimmy van M who remains on the cutting edge. Release Promo Hype Chart #2 –

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